Killzone 2 Community: Interview With Guerrilla Games

Guerrilla Games has undoubtedly taken the gaming world by storm with Killzone 2. A slick campaign, solid graphics and game to website community integration are some of what Guerrilla has managed to achieve so far. KillzoneUnit caught up with the Killzone Community Editor, Victor Zuylen to talk about some of the community related aspects of the Killzone franchise.

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Blaster_Master3764d ago

I sold this game for the 360 camera simply because none of my friends liked or played the game.

ZOMBIEMAN13764d ago

so you traded KZ2 a GOTY 09 contender , a game with graphics not seen on any other console with what looks to be a great MP for a dumb camera for your Xbox because none of your friends like it or play it . there's 2 things wrong with that 1 you traded a game you possibly like because your friends don't like it and 2 you traded it for a damn camera

Mr Tretton3764d ago

Blaster, so you admit to being a lemming? Do you buy only Top 10 music too? Or only what your friends listen to? Grow some individuality my friend (see also: balls)

RedGr3mlin3764d ago

hahahahahah that is sooo true , bubbles 4 you .

bigjclassic3764d ago

still play it almost daily. The expansion packs are nice, and the MP is too addicting. I can see why people get turned off though, it is a sophisticated game, imo. So far, KZ2 is GOTY 09. But also there isnt much else on any console to combat it.

yoghurt3764d ago

Despite the smaller community, still the best looking FPS game I have ever played, and the most satisfying.

Hopefully when more people pick up a PS3 now the price is reduced it will bring a whole new community to the game