MAG Beta Gameplay Footage

Leaked gameplay video from the upcoming PS3 Exclusive MAG.

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DixieNormS4052d ago

this game is going to be bad ass. I woulnd want to play against the sniper on the video. He looks too damn good. lol

gamesR4fun4052d ago

they did an exceptional job with the draw distance n lag seems almos non existent...

too bad this vid will prob b pulled soon.

umair_s514052d ago

Horrible quality video, I'll wait for some direct feed

Hellsvacancy4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

Add me if u want (Hellsvacancy) its pretty cool

My only problem so far which i get wid most games is that i cant read the writtin on screen, i havnt got a Hdtv (50odd inch flat/widescreen) so the words appears 2 b a bit fuzzy

Its alot of fun (i cant figure out how 2 in2 a vehicle yet-DOH)

randomwiz4052d ago

someone just broke their terms of service... I think they should've chosen me, i wouldn't have leaked stuff like this guy

StanLee4052d ago

The UI still looks like a clusterf*&k but the game looks and plays great.

Guido4052d ago

This game is going to be sick. PS3 owners are in for some real treats.

ThanatosDMC4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

I'm still trying to download the update... it's taking me forever!

Oh yeah, i forgot... "But teh dualshock 3 teh suckz for FPS games!!"

JaPo4052d ago

I'm hyped for this mofo but I don't get any sense AT ALL of the '256 player' scale which was promised.

It just seems like another (admittedly awesome) COD4 compatriot.

Anyone feel what I mean?

evrfighter4052d ago

no bullet drop or bullet travel time...

come on now. Even bf2 had bullet drop =\ If your gonna clone something then at least do it right. I was considering a new ps3 for this game but I'm disappointed. I'll wait for some more gameplay videos before I make a decision.

stevenhiggster4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

Bullet drop? Are you nuts, the bullet drop in BF:BC is a joke, most modern sniper rifles can fire well over a mile before the bullet even drops an inch, somehow I don't think the guy who was gettin sniped in the video was over a mile away.
Don't let stupid things like that stop you playing what will surely be an awesome game.

BulletToothtony4052d ago

the controller are GREAT!! and i mean great.. no lag and the maps are HUGE, little hard to learn but yeah..

Framerate is great and the sound is AMAZING

i've already put about 8 hours into the game and still finding a lot of new things..

The weapon upgrade system is awesome and the mission that we're allowed to play is great..

overall i give this game a solid 9.2 and it should be a solid 9.8 by the time it ships..

A LOT of people are gonna play this game for many many months.. it's VERY addicting..

locos854052d ago

I hope years not just months.

Ju4052d ago

Downloaded it yesterday, didn't have a chance to play yet. I hate those snipers, though. Guess I have to give it some time today...

FamilyGuy4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

Three people on my friends list are in the Beta, I'm so friggin jealous. Even though the video is poor quality it still looks more fun than i thought it looked before, he was actually able to separate himself (his area of vision) from the flock other other people playing.

Before this video I wasn't pleased because of all the user names over the peoples heads that were in sight, the screen looked cluttered, and they were always all over the place/tons of people visible on your screen. But, now that i see that you can actually do you own thing it's looking a lot better.

And screw the TOS I would've made a video and uploaded it too.

LazyDevs4052d ago

PS3 fanboys are going to diagree, but i am going to say it anyways. Is this a add-on pack for COD4?

SuperStrokey11234052d ago

Im sorry i cant tell a thing from that video. Im the biggest MAG fan i know but seriously we need a direct feed before we can say anything. PLus get rid of that lame as music.

Tarasque4052d ago

Sniper rifles can not be shot accuratley at mile. Even if you use a tri-pod it still can not be accurate at a mile. And most of your powerful sniper rifles that shoot that far have to be on tri-pods. So for standing half mile tops for acurate sniper shots.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34052d ago

uh, newsflash people - just because you play a lot of COD doesn't make you a weapons expert.

Unless you're in some form of Armed Forces I think we'll all have to take those opinions w/ a grain of salt.

What's next, are people going to start critisizing the needlers in Halo as not being realistic enough?

Max Power4052d ago

I disagree completely with what you said, actually I'd take it as a complement.

MiloGarret4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

complement to what?

stevenhiggster4051d ago

I wasn't really disputing accuracy, even the best rifles in the world could miss from 3 yards if used by a muppet. I was just saying that there would be no bullet drop at that sort of range. If you were standing, crouching, prone or using a tri-pod there still would not be any bullet drop at that sort of range.
And anyway the point I was trying to make was not to let silly things like that put you off playing the game!

Scotracer4051d ago


Are you deluded or just stupid? Bullet drop is defined by time in the air. It is a constant over almost all bullets as gravity is a constant. A bullet takes roughly 3 seconds to cover a mile. At that rate it will drop 44 METRES.

stevenhiggster4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

Chill out little man, I'm not here for a science lesson, I used a little thing called exaggeration. My point remains the same, at the range he was firing from there would be no noticable bullet drop, watch the video again, it cant be more than a few hundred feet.
I was making the point that his argument against playing the game was stupid.

And I worked it out using a formula the military snipers use and apparently, all things being equal, it would fall 184.27 inches or 4.6 meters, which is quite a bit less than your 44meters. You have to remember that while gravity is a constant drag isn't, due to the shape of the bullet(sniper rifle bullets 7.62mm are a lot different in shape and size to 9mm handgun bullets).

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Upbeat4047d ago

is this coming to xbox 360 ?

oh wait silly me, the xbox would rrod and melt the paint of my wall.

sugard04052d ago

Wow, the parachuting makes for interesting and tactical gameplay as you can land on buildings etc, this game looks brilliant.

mmmmmmmmmmm cant wait until its in the palm of my hands.

OmarJA4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

Needs a little work but damn this game does looks awesome...

Even the graphics looks insane considering the huge scale this game has.

talltony4052d ago

a deep online fps with squads and squad leaders and what not. I am really excited for this game. Cant wait.!

Ninji4052d ago

I have enough shooters already. If I wanted anymore shooters then I would've bought the shooterbox360.

nycredude4052d ago


Then why bother wasting your time and checking the vid out in the first place? Did you think Mag was a platformer?

Saaking4052d ago

Because he's obviously interested. The only good FPS the bots have is Halo 3 while PS3 gets Resistance 2, Killzone 2, and MAG.

-MD-4052d ago

Ninji is a hardcore PS3 fanboy Saaking so I'm not even sure why you're bringing up the 360.

likedamaster4052d ago

"Resistance 2, Killzone 2"

Yeah, real heavy hitters those games./s

CWMR4052d ago

-Killzone 2 is good, but Resistance 2 wasn't anything special at all. Mag? Who knows. It looks ok so far.-

NegativeCreep4274052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

Ninji is what you would call a "closet partial fanboy" who clicks on a story of a game that they apparently made up their minds on not liking the game, yet still click and comment on articles of such a game only to get attention.

Murderdolls and likedamaster are like some pathetic Xbot troll tag-team now coming on and trying to help each other convince themselves MAG will not deliver.

But on the topic of the game itself, it certainly looks good. Parachuting on top of a roof in order to acquire a premier sniping point looks pretty badass. With such large-scale wars, I'm hoping that the weapon and infantry vehicle selections will be quite varied.

Chubear4052d ago

KZ2 and R2 are two high quality games that have sold millions. It's not the PS3 fanbase's fault that the 360 only has ONE high end exclusive FPS while the PS3 has 3.

Cry all you want but you can keep Halo while I take MAG, Killzone and Resistance.

Douwantit4052d ago

Actually i think the opposite, Killzone 2 sucked but RES 2 was very good. And i will have MW2 and i do not need another average exclusive.

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