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GrE writes, "The game starts out presenting players with an art-theft and shower scene with the lead female. Somehow these seemingly unrelated events are connected. The point of the game seems to be to get said female dressed and solve the mystery surrounding the painting snatching. Ok, there is more to the story than getting dressed, but it goes to underline the point that the game seems to focus on performing various mundane tasks that seem to have little to do with the story as a whole. Finding a place to charge your cell phone is an excitement best left to the real-world. The story was pretty interesting with a bit of a M. Night Shyamalan-esque twist at the end that I honestly didn't see coming. Depending on the choices you make, or do not make, there are eight different endings you may get..."

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CrAppleton3763d ago

Point and Click PC games are a relic of the past.

roblef3763d ago

I totally disagree. They may not currently be "in fashion," but there are lots of folks that still like the genre.

Neco5123763d ago

What about games like Monkey Island getting reborn on every console known to man?

CrAppleton3763d ago

Why does this genre still exist? Nobody plays them anyway.

roblef3763d ago

Some people do. I don't need a FPS ALL the time.

bgrundman3763d ago

Agreed @roblef. There is something to be said for a change of pace once and a while.

bgrundman3763d ago

This game kinda looks like crap though

supercharger51503763d ago

Really, I love these types of games. The graphics look really good.

supercharger51503763d ago

Biggest problem for me- it's not on Mac too

Haly3763d ago

Sounds pretty weird to me, which is good for me!
I love point n clickers so might have to try this.

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