Latest Brutal Legend trailer shows multiplayer, awesomeness

A new trailer for Brütal Legend has been rolled out and gives a fairly substantial peek at the Tim Schafer's upcoming rock-'em-up. In particular, we get a good look at some of the game's environments and a brief look at the multiplayer mode -- which we recently discovered is really good. There's a also a tender, intimate moment, in which Eddie Riggs prepares to teach a young maiden the art of French Kissing, whatever that is. And, of course, there is metal

edwineverready5214d ago

His last game was great and original.

Nitrowolf25214d ago

yah me to, this game looks fun

RememberThe3575214d ago

This game look damn good. Plus, I think Jack Black is hilarious.


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SinisterMister602d ago

This game...holy heck. Makes me feel old.

gamer7804602d ago

I loved that game. Unlocked every song

MadLad602d ago

Liked the aesthetic, tone, humor, and action combat.
Didn't care for the RTS elements.

Never cared to finish it.

porkChop602d ago

Yeah they marketed the game like it was a Heavy Metal GTA-ish adventure. And at the beginning of the game that's what it was. The game fell apart when the half-baked RTS stuff came in. I'd be interested in a reboot or sequel, but just go full action adventure and ditch the RTS. There really is something there with the Heavy Metal theme.

Ryushaa602d ago

I feel you. I just hacked the game to have infinite life/RTS resources

Inverno602d ago

PS360 gen was special, then again it was still the mid 2000s. Everything went to shite in the teens

mastershredder602d ago

I think that was the breaker for Doublefine's creative ambitions and their mixing of genres (which was getting kinda stale). It was a nice to look at but it was more of a tribute to the many things Tim loves, was influenced by and has great admiration for....but the forced RTS stuff was like a drinking buddy's "great idea" that never should have come to light. The game seemed a lot more vast, but it ended pretty quickly too. And Jack Black. As much as I don't care for him as an actor (annoying and requires constant attention), this was absolutely made with him in mind and it worked. I mean come on, Tenacious D? For as Metal as this game was trying to be, even comically, it did little more than meow.