Get Free Game With Alpha Protocol Pre-Purchase

Obsidian Entertainment's espionage RPG Alpha Protocol is now available for pre-purchase through digital games store Steam. To encourage you to throw down money on it right now, Steam is offering another RPG for free.

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AAACE53764d ago

Oh... it's for the PC...(Yawn)... I thought you were talking about something important!

jakethesnake3764d ago

You also get Steam's whole collection of 360 and PS3 games too.

AAACE53764d ago

I see what you're saying jake, but I just don't really like playing PC games. The only ones I did like were RTS games, but I lost interest in those as well!

EvilCackle3764d ago

I still buy the occasional FPS for the PC. I like the pinpoint accuracy of the mouse.