Nexon America posts record revenue in July

While the rest of the games industry is struggling this year, and had a major drop-off in revenue this July compared to last, free-to-play online game publisher Nexon America has announced that their company's revenue increased 35% in July.

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Coyotegrey4968d ago

PR Bob getting a raise! PR Bob is quite the nice guy.

TheSmokingManX4968d ago

Maybe the recession actually helps microtransaction-based games, where you can get away with spending a few bucks instead of $15 a month on an MMO subscription or $60 on a new game.

ahnonamis4968d ago

Surprisingly, there's a good number of players who pay substantially more than the 15/mo for microtransaction games. With one as popular and hardcore-played as MapleStory, I'm not surprised they keep posting a profit. As long as people are addicted to it, they'll keep forking over cash for any-and-all advantages.

Bubble Buddy4968d ago

Maple Story was great but after a while got too repetitive and too long to train levels. I played private server just to try the 3rd and 4th jobs and get to try the new skills and free cash shop items but after that I was done with MS.

iheartdestr0y4968d ago

Lucky dogs. I wish I posted record revenue.

Scenarist4968d ago

Im so glad im not addicted to that game any more. it took alot of balls for me to quit

I blew up my 115atk 1slot kreda on my Shadower and called it quits . after i hustled up the money to get it and then my dumb ass used a white scroll on it and it worked ...then blew it with a 30%
I gave away all of my stuff and threw away my zhelm and i still have a put in my stomache from doing that but atleast i dont play MS anymore
I hate that game

Currently im looking for a new MMO F2P .... i was looking at perfect world ...any suggestions?