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kharma453765d ago

The real buttons seem odd for some reason on the PS3 after having gotten used to the heat-sensitive ones on the current PS3.

raztad3765d ago

I know what you mean phat's bottons are really slick, but I'm sure the new one will feel very nice as well. Sony is awesome delivering hq hardware.

Trollimite3764d ago

every type of stereotypical nerd is present in this video!


AAACE53764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Now I gotta get $300 to get one of these!

This seems like a great deal. $299 with a 120 Gb HDD... gotta get it!

Sales for the Ps3 should increase dramatically when this hits!

Also, this price shows that Sony is aggressively trying to take marketshare away from MS and Nintendo! With this new model costing $50 more than the Wii and offering more tech that the Wii has, and being at about the same price as the 360... it's clear that Sony are planning to battle this holiday season!

This should be good for all gamers!

jmare3764d ago

They (the heat sensitive ones) cost more so, poof! Regular buttons.

darthv723764d ago

The one in the donkey kong shirt reminds me of a buddy of mine. Serious wearer of gaming shirts.

On topic, I want to see this thing ripped open to show the insides. Maybe ben heck will now make a portable version like he has done with several 360's.

It should have fw 3.0 on it right?

Strange that so many outlets are getting theirs and making posts about opening the boxes. Did they hand one out to every attendee at the show or something?

cRaZyLeGs 933764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

I'm not as impressed as I was with the ps2 slim, probably because we saw it such a long time ago. I wonder will it have heat problems like the ps2 slim?
Guess I'm wrong. *disagrees

PdubthePatriot3764d ago

I'm not sure, but I dont think it will ship with 3.0. I'd have to look though....

The reason I'm not sure is cuz I saw it on wikipedia, so I took it with a couple pinches of salt lol

IzKyD13313764d ago

"Compare it to this giant [email protected]"

That made me laugh

GUNS N SWORDS3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

a 120 gb ps3 for $299?

is that true?

C_SoL3764d ago

Black Chrome ftw b!tches

and buttons too b!tches

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LordMarius3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

That was sexual

And no power brick

lovedaddy3765d ago

If thats the case I'm defo sold - that was the only sticking point for me about the slim.

Disappointed about the lack of otheros, but to be honest, the linux scene really hasn't taken to the ps3 as much as I expected.

PotNoodle3764d ago

The PS3 linux scene would of picked up more if they were given access to the GPU too. It seems they were going the right way by giving YDL access to the GPU memory too, just need the actual processer now.

cl63AMG3764d ago

I had forgotten about it but yeah it looks like they shrunk the power supply.

rickyjb233765d ago

ist because there not het sensetive its a electrical switch between the on sign and the / reset and yout finger completes the circuit , test it ese a piece of metal to conect them and it starts

GrandDragon3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

umm BUTTONS????

OH come on!! WHY?? WHY SONY??!!

The touch sensitive gloss over was MUCH more better

I was under the impression that those round things over the power and eject signs were just stickers...Bu BUT NOOOOOOO

gambare3764d ago

they are cheaper, besides the 360 has buttons too and no one is complaining.

Nitrowolf23764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

the reason i could actualy see why buttons is because some people have had issues with the touch buttons where it would stop working.

lol at the disagree

Panthers3764d ago

The heat sensitive ones were so coooool though. Very futuristic.

arsenal553765d ago

i lold at the unboxers hair... WTFFFFFFF

Jandre023765d ago

Haha me too. What a douchebag haircut.

shutupandplay3764d ago

Looks like a mushroom. Hahaha.

cmrbe3764d ago

They all look like geeks.

Nitrowolf23764d ago

lol i know, i laugh at the person who is smiling at the camera, he is trying not to

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