Fudzilla Review: Kingston DataTraveler 200 64GB

Fudzilla: We've all seen HDD disk capacities hitting once unthinkable numbers, but it's no secret that the demand for high-capacity USB sticks has been growing as well. Since these devices are extremely portable, and serve as a keychain at the same time, most users can't even remember the time when they didn't have one nearby for "just such an emergency". We know that USB stick capacity goes anywhere from 1GB to more than 100GB, but not everything is in capacity as speed is another important selling point.

Kingston recently announced the new DataTraveler200 series, which offers fast high-capacity sticks and comes in three flavors – 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. We had a chance to test the DataTraveler200 64GB so let's see what this product offers.

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