EA Gamescom Press Conference Live Stream

EA are hosting a Live Stream of their Press Conference, beginning at 16:30 CET/15:30 BST.

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InfectedDK3767d ago

Will they be showing the Sony press conference also?
It seems the Chillax was a fake to get visitors or something..

guitarded773767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

It began at 9:30 central but it's over now with no earth shattering information.

so far you can do the live blog thing on many websites for the Sony conference. As of now no live video will be streamed, but Sony is said to have video of the conference available on PS Store after the event.

InfectedDK3767d ago

Thx, I might consider not reading any news and download the event and watch it instead.. IF I can wait lol..

Hellsvacancy3767d ago

Mass Effect looked cool - didnt like that pig dude

Off topic. Just got my beta code 4 Mag woop woop woop

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Vertius3767d ago

Should be beginning in the next ten minutes. Here's hoping for some new Mass Effect 2 footage, and perhaps an announcement of a new game or two. :)

poindat3767d ago

I'm actually excited for this, more so than E3!

EA has lots of good stuff to show off, and then immediately afterwards, it's off to Sony's!

GameOn3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

Big talk for Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

New Mass Effect trailer looks awesome. Can't wait.

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