With a new version of the engine Home is taking it to the next level

When Sony announced PlayStation Home, we at PlayStationPure were skeptical, but fascinated. A combination between The Sims, Second Life and casual games has some potential, although Sony is untill now unable to exploit that potential. If we can believe our sources, Sony will be announcing on his press conference later today some astonishing new features, like interactive furniture. Recently, the developpers got a new version of the Home-engine. With this new version, they can create interactive furniture for your Home-appartement. Read more after the click.

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Ninji3767d ago

There has been interactive furniture since the closed beta. Being able to turn light on/off and then when the namco stuff was in Japan you could put arcades in your house and play them through Home.

himdeel3767d ago

...interactive furniture has been around for a long time in HOME. The title doesn't match the content of the link that well.

NaViTo3767d ago

This seems to be a very good thing, more interactivity in Home! I hope we will see it on abouta hour.

Kill Crow3767d ago

maybe duel wielding conga lines in version 2?

Home is a waste of time unless you like waiting around NOT playing games....

ForROME3767d ago

Im not sold on HOME yet, I still think they didnt deliver and are still playing catch up

3767d ago
-EvoAnubis-3767d ago

When's the last time you logged in?

The gaming GOD3767d ago

It's not like any other console as anything like HOME on them.

ravinash3767d ago

Catch up???.....what are they catching up to?
Its not the Sims you know.

FamilyGuy3767d ago

Catching up to who? To what?

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ZOMBIEMAN13767d ago

Sony just give me a golf car and the ability to run someone over with it and i'll never leave Home and cause vehicler manslaughter in Home

NaViTo3767d ago

I'm sorry for you, but this its not the concept of Home! lol

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The story is too old to be commented.