SingStar: Beatles on the way

MCV: EA and MTV have teamed up with Sony to develop SingStar: The Beatles for PlayStation 3. A game that is effectively an instrument-free port of The Beatles: Rock Band.

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PirateThom3762d ago

I just cannot see the point when the Rock Band version has vocals anyway...

DeforMAKulizer3762d ago

Singstar Michael Jackson! Singstar Michael Jackson!! PLEASE BE TRUE!!!! =D

Dringostarr3762d ago

Rock Band is expensive, and SingStar has such a huge following on PS3.

What's the point of drums in a Beatles game anyway (sorry Ringo)

This could be Sony's biggest Christmas game.

xlx-russ_923762d ago

its good to know that Sony Music own Beatles lisence.

Dringostarr3762d ago

Sony don't own the Beatles music...

EMI handle the licensing.

xlx-russ_923762d ago

i think they own some of it. but i maybe wrong

BlackPrince 423762d ago

If they had been smarter, or just more networked between Sony Music and Sony Computer Entertainment, they would have made Beatles music exclusive to their platforms.

Don't even ask me how MS secured timed exclusivity rights for music Sony owns.

Actually never mind I know. Sony probably knows RB will ultimately sell more on other platforms, so why limit your income on a game that won't be a system seller and doesn't push the hardware or gameplay in any significant way? Profit is more important than pride right?