First Screenshots of Eagles QB Michael Vick in Madden 10

"These are the first screenshots of Michael Vick as he will appear in Madden NFL 10. Vick will be in a roster update scheduled for Wednesday 19 August."

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THC CELL3769d ago

Burn him alive
for what he did with that poor dog

Corepred43769d ago

i love dogs as much as anybody but vick has served his time. get over it. seriously, what a bunch of pansies

THC CELL3769d ago

if they add him to this game i am not buying it

skatezero2463769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

screw him, I lost all respect for him when I found out what he did to that poor dog.

He's nothing but a greedy piece of sh!t, I mean come on if your in the NFL your making great money especially if your playing as a QB so why in the hel1 did he gamble on dog fights?

Edit: my mistake he didn't gamble with a dog, he owned/raised that dog he was fighting with which is even worse

THC CELL3769d ago

gamble he raised a dog and put it in the ring
man i saw pics with him hugging the dog and sh!t

Ea has lost a sale now i cant stand the sight of this man

Ea should face Boycott

skatezero2463769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

yea your right, my mistake I forgot about the pics the whole story just made me sick. How someone could do that to a dog i'll never understand. what he did was unforgivable I honestly believe he shouldn't be able to play in the NFL anymore

thanks-(thc cell) for the correction bubbles for you

THC CELL3769d ago

lol no worries
i cancled my game now

Corepred43769d ago

ea because of one guy in a VIDEO GAME! are you serious, lmao. come on guys i think you guys are going way overboard. yes i believe what he did was wrong and dreadful but i believe he has also changed his life... prison does that to a person...

skatezero2463769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

I'm not buying madden 2010 because of Vick, I havn't purchased Madden since Madden 06 came out, when EA shows some real improvements then I'll consider buying until then my hard earned money can go towards another game I'm more interested in

the only thing I disagree with is that the NFL is letting him back in

ZBlacktt3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

Well, I agree that he has done his time or should I say paid cash for a short term done his time. But to be allowed back into the NFL to make millions again. That speaks volumes of Star = cash for NFL over what's the real right decision here. I'm sure the Boooo's will be echoing across the stadium for every away game he is at. Then the picket signs, protesters, etc,etc,etc...

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