New Red Steel screens

Ubisoft shows off their slightly modified Red Steel after critisizm regarding the title at E3.

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Killswitch5803d ago

I have to tip my hat to Ubisoft the graphics for Red Steel looks awhole lot better.

omansteveo5803d ago

Yeah i agree they do, i just think its funny how all this Gaming magazine guys were like "Nintendo did it right the controller is awesome, graphics dont matter", then they play it and then criticize the graphics...anyways im gettin one and this game, im really hoping the Smash bros makes launch also

Gamer135803d ago

looks alright with nice effects.

BIadestarX5803d ago (Edited 5803d ago )

Honestly I think they shouldn't be using pictures. This graphics look bad compare to the XBox 360 and the PS3. Show video clips of people actually playing the game. Didn't they say graphics don't matter so why are you showing me graphics? Aren’t picture considered graphics? I don't care how good the graphics look on the wii since they are inferior than the PS3 or the 360 and I already own a 360. The only thing that interest me about the wii is the only possible advantage is has; how it plays with the wiimote. and I don’t see that here!