Similarities between the launches of the Wii and Wii U

When the Wii launched there were a lot of questions about the long term prospects of the console, due to the fact that it had an unusual controller and was essentially a generation behind the competition in terms of processing power. Nintendo made a mini-game compilation meant to demonstrate what the system was about, and a few third-party developers delivered some very big titles to help boost sales.

When the Wii U launched, we saw a similar pattern. From consumer attitudes to launch games, there are a lot of parallels.

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MasterCornholio4043d ago

But the main difference is that the Wii sold a lot faster after launch then the Wii U.

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lilbroRx4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

That is false. The Wii sold only slightly above what the Wii U did in its first months. It was the only console to have a better launch than the Wii U.

The sales of the Wii U didn't fall until the game shortage started and the game releases came to a complete stop. This is the only reason its not selling "as well" as Nintendo wanted.

The Wii U with games sales combined is still making Nintendo a profit, however which is more than I can say for the other consoles in their launch period as well.

PopRocks3594043d ago

If I'm not mistaken, the difference in sales between the Wii and Wii U after their initial holiday bursts was only of a few hundred thousand units, maybe three to five.

To say that the Wii U did not at least have a nice head start is foolery. Unfortunately, with no big games to entice anyone and no notoriety on the market, the sales of dropped pretty significantly. Nintendo needs to make people who are both aware and unaware of this thing to want it.


Ubisoft say AC Shadows protagonists will be "romantically attracted to different types of people"

Ubisoft recently shared more details about Assassin's Creed Shadows protagonists, confirming that both of them will romantically attract and be attracted to different types of people.

Hugodastrevas4d ago

That should please everyone I'm sure...

RpgSama4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Feudal Japan DEI LGBTQ+ Samurai, sounds very accurate for the time period. Surely a decision made only with historical accuracy in mind.

Crows904d ago

Or even modern day accuracy.....

Lexreborn24d ago

You have no idea what you are talking about, bet you didn’t know nobunaga was bi-sexual. Or ran maru his is often depicted as androgynous was a “beautiful boy”.

So yeah, feudal Japan had tons of lgbtq and kawaii enough… A BLACK SAMURAI! All without the need of offending a Caucasian because the world is diverse.

VenomUK3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

This story has cracked me up so much! Bravo Ubisoft, bravo! 🤣. So last week everyone was upset that in the long-awaited first Assassin’s Creed: Japan game the protagonist is black. But NOW he is also LGBTQ+ ! It’s like the Ubisoft creative team sat around a table and said “How can we best impress our Kotaku/IGN/Polygon friends and antagonise gamers? Let’s make it woke x 100!’ And then they all silent clapped!

Just you wait until the Star Wars: Outlaws details come out, there better not be anybody complaining about Kay Vess’ dating preferences and the gay droid armies.

Christopher3d ago

It actually is.

Japanese were very Greek in their sexual experiences.

lodossrage3d ago

Lexreborn2 is right

Go read up on Japan's feudal era homosexuality and bisexuality was a very common thing in that time.

I just have to laugh because the same people complaining about this are the same ones crying about wanting "historical accuracy". When it's clear most of the whiners don't even know history themselves.

Christopher3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Facts don't care about downvotes, btw. You either claim to understand historical accuracy or you just admit you don't like the stuff people did throughout history.


thorstein3d ago

Japan had no Christian stupidity about sexuality.

That's where your nonsensical puritanical view comes from: the Abraham's faiths.

It's feudal Japan, they don't believe in your religion's made up nonsense.

I mean, if you're going to embrace a particular viewpoint, you should at least be aware of where it comes from. Most of the world doesn't care about your ideals.

In those days, they certainly didn't care about your religion.

Get over yourself.

RpgSama3d ago

All of you guys missed the point, I even said I'm very sure they did it ONLY because they wanted to be historically accurate. Stop defending this, we all know why they did it and who they want to pander, it's not out newfound respect for history.

lodossrage3d ago


Nobody is defending anything.

People are just pointing out the fact that after they just cried about the game not being historically accurate, when they SHOW they're accurate, they cry about it because they don't like certain parts of history

Not to mention you contradicted yourself RPGSama. You just pointed out you said they "ONLY because they wanted to be historically accurate". Then turn around and accuse them of pandering and/or having an agenda. Those two things are opposing statements

Cacabunga3d ago

Dumbest decision ever.. always online was a pass for me but now not even for free I’ll try it..

LordoftheCritics3d ago

It's made by Ubisoft Montreal.

Obviously we'll be allowed to bang anything that moves.

RiseNShine3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Yeha pretty sure.

H93d ago

People actually telling you that Japan had sexual deviancy which is correct however what's hilarious is that they will act as if it holds the same moral value that the LGBT community holds today, oh the things men used to say about themselves when they are attracted to other men, it's not empowering in the least bit

senorfartcushion3d ago

It was more common to be attracted to the same sex before the crusades.

3d ago
Tapani3d ago

You are completely lost on Japanese history. Japan was one of the most liberal places in the world, and in many ways still is. You can slice and dice it from your western hubris and whatever point of view, but the reality is that history tells great stories about freedom of choice and people not being judgemental on this island. Also one of the reasons I want to raise my family here, no need to have those whatever Western woke bullshit here, because everyone just respects each other without using all that nonsense.

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CrimsonWing694d ago

Geezus, just make a good game… holy sh*t this is becoming insufferable.

Crows904d ago

Oh yeah!!!! What about being inclusive???

I'm sorry
..please replace the word inclusive with stupid.

Hofstaderman4d ago

You asking UbiSoft to make a good game? This is not 2002.

thorstein3d ago

I thought you crybabies wanted "historical accuracy." Now that your going to get it, you're going to cry more.


It's past the point of retarded, everyone seems forced to do this bullshit now in games. 😑

Barlos3d ago

Hell no. A good game or film is secondary now to the agenda and the 'message'.

It's not enough to be simply entertained these days, there has to be an overarching real world narrative. I mean look at Dr Who as a recent example. Disney have completely destroyed it all in the name of 'diversity'.

senorfartcushion3d ago

You sound like you don't have a very active sex life ,😅

CrimsonWing693d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Are you projecting? 😝