To the vast majority of Michael Pachter haters: No, you STFU

Destructoid writes:

"I am always surprised at the amount of hate and venom that is directed at Michael Pachter. He generally seems like a nice friendly guy and he has on many occasions spoken on behalf of gamers despite the fact that his responsibilities are first and foremost to his business and investor clients.

Until today, I have generally just attributed the Pachter hate to Internet trolls. However, after reading neveranything's blog post "A message to Michael Pachter - STFU" yesterday, I felt compelled to defend Pachter because it is clear to me that many of the people who hate him either have no idea what his job is or are completely without any sense of simple business concepts."

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Nineball21123770d ago

And this sums it up pretty well:


So yeah, I'm confused as to why people hate Michael Pachter so much. I don't feel that he is without error or free from criticism. However, I think that before gamers go snapping their mouths, they ought to first make sure they understand the context of whatever quote or "prediction" he made and then after that make sure that their own point makes sense. Finally, in addition to following the videogame industry, I understand that Pachter also deals with and studies other home electronics markets. Most people don't even know what they are talking about when it comes to even only one console so I'm willing to give a little leeway here to Pachter.

gamesR4fun3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

at least not in what he spouts off on when hes talkin to us gamers..

and id hardly call him a champion of our gaming culture sure he talks the talks o psp rip but again nothing we all didnt know b4 pratcher. also is it me or is he always willing to go more anti sony then ms or nintendo (esp ms)Willing to say jus bout anything for hits too jus another attention seeking hand out taking wannbe.

Cant say i hate him still tho but i do wish hed fade from sight.

Poopface the 2nd3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

but anyone who goes around making predictions left and right are gonna have haters, especially if its on the Internet having to do with videogames.

These guys probably just wrote this article in exchange for the next 'patcher evident analysis' to be exclusive to their site. Already hyping it up to make sure all the haters flock to their site to tell patcher he sux.

nothing wrong with the guy, I just dont think we need someone to make such obvious statements about sales and stuff, or a new stupid vague prediction every other day. Especially when anyone with even a little knowledge of the videogame market could do just as good a job(probably better) as long as they didnt get TOO biased about it.

If gaming journalism wasnt in the dumps we wouldnt need the patchers, as gaming journalists could make unbiased predictions for themselves as they are supposed to be the experts on gaming and should know the history of the industry. He should keep his thoughts to the investors and let gamers make their own predictions, unfortunately he might do a better job then some of these so called "gaming journalists."

edit- unfortunately even people who bought their first console this gen will create a blog and act like they know about videogames. Then they will twist anything as long as it makes them fell special. Then people will give them hits when patcher says something they hope will happen, and cry when he says something they dont like. Anyone who has been playing games for a while can make their own predictions and can easily dismiss bias. I dont know why we cant get over that hurdle here on N4G, as most of us have been gaming for a while.

Sarcasm3770d ago

I don't hate Pachter, I hate his predictions. They don't seem to be educated guesses at all.

Trollimite3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

i hate him! cause he thinks hes some kind of analyst, but he didnt know the difference between cod4 modern warfare and cod5. and then theres the time he said "im sure there arent 1 million psn users"

if he atleast knew some of the things he was talking about i wouldnt be mad, but some that stuff is just utter bullshiit.

until he humbles himself and actually thinks about what hes saying, i will contineu to hate him!

ZuperAmazingCooKie3770d ago

People don't get his job. People simply want to think whatever fits their reality...

Mario3770d ago

Isn't this the same guy who predicted that when wii hd comes out, nobody will buy a ps3 or 360? The guy is a fool. It makes me angry that in these difficult times he has kept his job. Seriously, anyone who knows anything about gaming can make better predictions then him. Seriously.

iceman063770d ago

Can I hate him because he makes money doing what we gamers do here on N4G!?!?!? Just a thought. We take the information that we have available...compile what we think is the best argument...and present it to the world. He just does the "research" for the investors...who probably don't know a LOT about the industry, and thus trust HIM for the information. That being said...he's not a BAD guy...he just has a somewhat skewed view of the industry. This is probably why some of his predictions don't jive with us...we KNOW what is going on at "ground zero" and he mostly GUESSES!!! I still like to see what he says. Sometimes there are nuggets of fact in all the supposition that goes on with his statements.

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Godmars2903770d ago

He's the most - probably only - recognized industry analyst in the gaming community. Making claims that are wholly inaccurate that further never come true.

SuperM3770d ago

The reason you feel he makes the most "noise" is because Gamesites and bloggers keep quoting him. Its his job to make predictions and its not his fault that almost every prediction he makes gets quoted all over the internet.

Also in your eyes his predictions will alway be wrong if they arent dead on. The future is and always will be uncertain. Predictions will never be anything more then predictions and they are never meant to be 100% correct. Its just estimates of where things are going, what trends etc. Ultimately its not pacthers fault that any of you guys hate him. Its because you chose to hate/dislike him, and by doing that you only cause pain to yourself. Its totally idiotic to get annoyed by stuff like this when you simply shouldnt care about it.

Godmars2903770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

If someone else was making inaccurate or outrageous claims and had a notable position in the public, say the HHG for example, people would get on his case about it. The only reason Pachter has such a position is that he's a regular guest on an online talk show.

And its not that his predictions aren't dead on, they're nowhere near the mark. Even when he's talks about something within the realm of possibility, never mind getting anywhere close to the actual dartboard, its like if he were playing darts and kept hitting the wall opposite.

ElementX3770d ago

I bet that guy hasn't played a video game since Pong. What a D-bag

SuperM3770d ago

i take it you never watch the bonus round at Gametrailers

ElementX3770d ago

I refuse to patronize gametrailers...

If Pachter is on there, oh well... he's still a d-bag regardless

Parapraxis3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

Pachter is awesome.
He brings out the worst in fanboys and that is ALWAYS good for a laugh.

His track record is about as good as any analyst. Every guess he makes has turned out to have a 50% success rate (either right or wrong), nothing to scoff at lol.

2005 - Pachter:
"In 2010, Sony's going to have 55 per cent, Microsoft's going to have 35 per cent and Nintendo 10 per cent" he was a little off...LOL!

sorceror1713770d ago

...he was assuming it would take time ("it'll take a while for Sony to overcome that first-year advantage" [of the 360]) and there would be backward compatibility. "When Sony launches the PS3, if the lineup is comparable, and if it's fully backward compatible, plug and play without a software patch, then I think Sony keeps most of their customers."

Like everyone else, he failed to predict the Wii's runaway success, though.

Sarcasm3770d ago

Destructoid is a bunch of annoying little crybaby girls.

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