Vick's Madden rating takes a hit

Gamer Limit writes "As seen here, ESPN have compiled a list of all the numbers from Vick's current form in Madden 10 and his last videogame outing in Madden 08. The quarterback's overall ratings have dropped from 90 to 73, most notably due to the decrease in awareness and accuracy."

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DangerCurtis3716d ago

We'll see who has the last laugh Madden franchise.

Fullish3716d ago

Are you implying you're a Vicks fan?

Peppy la Moca3716d ago

Are you implying there's something wrong with being a Vick fan? I happen to find him exciting to watch.

-MD-3716d ago

Let's not forget this amazingly athletic guy killed 10 dogs now.

PataponKnight3716d ago

Man what were the Eagles thinking? First we had TO, now this. Andy Reid should know better. We were gonna be great team anyway there was no need to add him.

TheGameLlama3716d ago

You'd think after being in jail, that Vick's "awareness" would go up, if anywhere. Aware if there's anyone around when you drop the soap, aware of what would make a good shiv... etc. etc.

II Necroplasm II3716d ago

My friend is a Cleveland Browns fan and he said he wished they would have signed Vick...

then I slapped him.

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AcesAndEights3716d ago

no way, I'd stick with the Chargers any day, then again, I know nothing of the sport and and very unlikely to play this game, but, if I did, it'd be the Chargers.

II Necroplasm II3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Maybe his rating should drop since it's been over 2 years since he has played and just got out of prison.

I think any QB's awareness and accuracy would drop.

navyguy213716d ago

Im pretty sure most of you believe in God right?? So what happened to forgiveness?? What happened to second chances?? No one here is perfect, i know im not. So why dont we let the man upstairs judge him, and let him redeem himself to society?? He has already done his time, and plenty of NFL, MLB, and MLS players have done worse than him, he just happened to be an athlete on top, so he more attention. Let the lord judge him, not man. I will, however, be trading him to the panthers when the update comes :)

Peppy la Moca3716d ago

Wow...he paid his "debt" to a society that builds shelters for abandoned animals when there are homeless and hungry people around. yet i am wrong to like him as an's especially funny considering there are far worse people playing in the nfl, from rapists to sexual offenders to people charged with assaulting women. i didn't say i like the fact that vick did what he did, lol that would be absurd, but he paid for it. what do you wanna see him lynched for hurting some dogs? he lost almost all his money, and had to do jail time. and to think the league considered not letting him play. what a joke, dante stallworth kills a man while driving drunk, and he gets a year suspension. that's just rich. you people need to get your priorities straight, human life is more valuabe than some cute dogs.

II Necroplasm II3716d ago

"human life is more valuable than some cute dogs."

That is true but dogs are more helpless and not meant to be taken a vantage of.
I think he deserves a second chance in his career but I have no respect for anyone who abuses animals.

Darrius Cole3716d ago

People are not meant to be taken advantage of either.

II Necroplasm II3716d ago

True but does dogs have the willpower and intelligence of humans?

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The story is too old to be commented.