New Uncharted 2: Among Thieves comparison shots will blow your mind.

A new set of comparison shots between Uncharted and Uncharted 2, showing the immense graphical leap naughty Dog studios have achieved with the sequel.

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A_Little_Girl5417d ago

the first uncharted is still the best looking game out right now, anyone who say otherwise is a fanboy

Fishy Fingers5417d ago (Edited 5417d ago )

I personally think Killzone 2 looks better than the original, and of course Crysis/Warhead.

What your basically saying is, "anyone with a different opinion to me is a fanboy".

MrJack5417d ago

PS3 exclsives are just raising the bar, Uncharted, MGS4, Killzone, all graphical masterpieces.

And now we have Uncharted 2 and GOW3 to look forward to, not to mention GT5.

Can't wait.

SevWolf5417d ago

I'm gonna have to agree with you by saying it's one of the best looking games out... Definitely in the top three, cause the rest depends on preference, but even though the improvements are VERY clear the pictures in those comparisons don't do Uncharted justice, the picture of Roman is from earlier version(cause in the game he only uses a revolver and not a PM) saying that it shows you how impressive the first one is, especially the fact that the first's in-game model of Drake looks like the CG model and the second CLEARLY surpasses the CG model
I would just like to know, is there ANY sequel out there that was released on the same console as its predecessor and improves this much? The only one I could think of other than UC2 is MGS3(which looked and played a lot better than MGS2)

A_Little_Girl5417d ago

anyone who disagree with me is a fanboy, a stupid fat fanboy

SupaPlaya5417d ago

I disagree with this as well

PotNoodle5417d ago (Edited 5417d ago )

For realisitic lighting, physics and particle effects - i think killzone 2 looks better. But for art style, character models, high res detailed textures, water and other stuff like that - uncharted 2 looks better.

Oh and character animation on uncharted 2 is the best i've seen on ANY game, in the beta, running around and if you say, slightly knock up against a wall you will stumble slightly, characters don't ignore the enviroment, which 99% of games are like.

But for Ai reaction to being shot, then i think killzone 2 is best for that too.


Simon_Brezhnev5417d ago

its funny how Sony exclusives only competition is Sony exclusives.

led10905417d ago

i saw u trolling on the valve ps3 article.....so i wont take ur opinion with the grain of salt......as far as graphics go i think the leap is huge....and this will definitely give crysis 2 a run for its money

mfwahwah5416d ago

Actually the best looking games out there are board games. Highest definition out there, man. It's like I'm seeing them in real life or something, it's that good.

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mjolliffe5417d ago

Didn't exactly 'blow my mind' like the title said but there is an improvement (:

krackchap5417d ago

Who thought Killzone 2 would be robbed of its graphical superiority crown in less than 6 months of release.
ND are just to damn awesome.

Nitrowolf25417d ago

Yah but KZ2 is still the best looking FPS out there. The is by far the Bst look TPS out there.

Darkeyes5417d ago (Edited 5417d ago )

I do have to say this... Whenever I pop in KZ2, it never fails to amaze me.... Especially with 32 players online... Glitch less with no frame rate issue at those graphics is an insane achievement. Anyone who undermines GG's achievement is a fanboy or a hater.... KZ2 showed what future FPS should be like... People might call MW2 more fun, but for me KZ2 was the first FPS to real 'blow' me away.

Uncharted 2 is another masterpiece.... The visuals are simply jaw dropping I must admit. It's in fact a great thing that KZ2 got trumped so early... Shows what to expect in the near future from Sony first party... I even hope GOW3 trumps UC2... Heavy Rain seems to be a worthy competitor as well....

nix5417d ago

please dont mention so many great exclusives in one comment... i might die of an heart attack! lol... q:

raztad5417d ago (Edited 5417d ago )

A lot of people out there hating KZ2 because its not in their console of choice:

-- It got "poor" textures, they say

-- Rico is annoying, they say

-- KZ2 is teh boringzz, they say

Its so funny. Besides to be a technical masterpiece, early showcase of PS3 prowess and GG dedication to understand PS3 arch. KZ2 got the most frickingly exciting combat ever. Slow paced and tactical, your foes are smart, its almost impossible no to die, more than once just turning any corner.

I love to see UC2 pushing even more the envelope but I expect GoW3 to raise the bar higher. Running at 1080p with almost CGI quality graphics. Hell yeah, day one purchase.

Redempteur5417d ago (Edited 5417d ago )

The future of online games ?

Like the fact that there is no loading or lag when the assigment( objective ) on the map change ? ( switching to capture the flag to , massacre , to domination mode ect ect ? )

yeah yeah that's impressive. i wonder who will be the first to copy it

or are you talking about the massive CLAN options killzone 2 has ?

kaveti66165417d ago

Well, I agree with what you say, but I must admit I am guilty of criticizing the textures. From what I've seen the game is awesome in all respects, but the textures are a bit lower than what I expected. Well, the textures are actually great most of the time, it's only in a few places where one can see that the object was overlooked. Still, Killzone 2 is the best looking console FPS out right now. And I think the only FPS that will top it in visuals (on consoles) is Killzone 3

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SonySoldiers5417d ago (Edited 5417d ago )

keep it quiet!!..screenies are touched up a bit, don't tell anyone about it..let's call it In-Game realtime animation powered by CELL BE! Sony will be proud of you, we will give y'all more exclusive games in return.

Please help us martketing the game 24/7 to increase hits on N4G, sabot all xbots minds! </whisper>

cryymoar5416d ago

Yeah, those graphics are ONLY touched up by the CELL BE.

watch this in HD.

Gamer11115417d ago

i don't play my ps3 much. but


Uncharted 2 IS the best looking game out there.. K2 was to grey. i want color detail to its fullest... and uncharted 2 is going to bein # 1

Uncharted is the only game i have ever stayed up all night first time playing and beat it...not because it was short cause it wasnt...because the storyline was so good like a movie or a book of high quality. it draws you in you have to beat it you have to know what happens ....you have to lol..

PLUS the freaking amazing gameplay.

drake is so close....not i want to play uncharted again lol