How offering a free-to-play option can save "WAR"

From the article:

""Warhammer Online" is a fun MMORPG. As an MMORPG fan, I find myself going back to it over "World of Warcraft" time and time again, enjoying the RvR combat and unique concepts. Not all is perfect in the realm, however, and there are some steps Mythic could take towards improving their game. With the recent trend of free-to-play MMORPGs, there's one method they could employ that would be quite... drastic."

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CadDad4544d ago

The whole reason people play MMO's is for the community and comfort of friends combined with the carrot on a stick gameplay.

I think they should just lower the monthly fee, or create a better balanced MMO (hard to do, but necessary in RVR oriented games).


ahnonamis4544d ago

That's not really the only reason most people play MMOs. A lot of people play it just to play the game with other people. In one like WAR where there can be constant PVP, playing for free would be no different than playing an FPS or something. Login, end up in a random server, kill some guys, call it a day.

They'd have to tweak it, obviously. But we all know this would never happen, so it's more of a "what if..." scenario than anything =P

blackpanther254544d ago

the problem with WAR was that they put a retarted amount of servers. They should of had three servers and made different channels like other MMO's like guild wars. They didn't allow u to switch servers freely in WAR, if u happen to be on a server with a overpopulated enemy side then u are messed up. they tried to fix it but it was too late

TheSmokingManX4544d ago

But I don't know about forcing players to change servers everyday. Very interesting.

ahnonamis4544d ago

It sort of makes sense to me. They can play for free, but they don't really get to pick WHERE. Wherever there's an imbalanced population, they get there. Want to stick on the same server with friends? You subscribe.