Neocrisis: Xbox Live having server issues

Neocrisis.com writes: "Xbox.com has a very large and active community, and this may be taking it's toll on the Xbox Live servers. Early this morning alot of members hopingto sign in to the Xbox.com site to browse the forums or check their friends and messageswe're greeted with a rather bland page with a serious message."

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skeletonss5459d ago

i was up playign mlb 09 early as hell.


New Ryzen 9 9900X price leak spotted on Amazon Netherlands for $549

Yet another Ryzen 9000-series price leak surfaces, with the latest coming from Amazon NL - where the 9900X has been seen for $549.


The 'Kawaii' Is A Nintendo Wii The Size Of A Keychain

Modders have cooked up something pretty special – a Wii console which is small enough to fit on your keys. A wee Wii.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III Coming to Game Pass July 24

Everything you need to know about Modern Warfare III coming to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

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darthv721d 14h ago (Edited 1d 14h ago )

Will be interesting to see what sort of numbers GP users draw in come tomorrow. It is believed that this is one many have been waiting for.

1d 14h ago
thesoftware73022h ago


That is not accurate; this game is old, and most people who want it have already bought it. You might get a small number of subs, but we will mostly see a good influx of players(not new subs) from people with Game Pass who will try it, which is what happened with D4.

CoD: BO 6 will be the test for actual sub numbers.

darthv7215h ago

That's fair... seeing as many have been saying they want CoD in GP. My comment was more of , now that its here... what can it do. Im sure there will be other titles in the franchise that will either entice or turn off different users.

Bathyj20h ago

No one's buying a console and signing up for a monthly bill just to get this game to avoid buying it. That's ridiculous. Besides everyone bagged the crap out of this on release for the 4 hour campaign.

andy8521h ago

Sweet. Never got round to it on release. I'll give the campaign a go

chicken_in_the_corn26m ago

Severly underrated game. Big improvement over 2.