Tokyo Game Show 2006 in September

This years Tokyo Game Show will take place between the 22 and September 24. More than one hundred game companies will be present, amongst them are Capcom, Koei, Konami, Namco Bandaged, Sega, Sony (Obviously!), Public garden Enix, Tecmo...Hopefully we might get to see the final PS3 and Wii and maybe some more surprises as well. The offical site of this event has just opened.

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BIadestarX6173d ago (Edited 6173d ago )

I can understand why Microsoft is not listed in your post. Fanboyism or not invited since it is not a Japanese company.

FamoAmo6173d ago

"Hopefully we might get to see the final PS3"

-That's sad.. still no final system. If they don't have a final system by september expect a delay!

kingboy6173d ago

Even on the main japanaise page there`s little or no microsoft info on it sorry.we`v already seen many of the things about the 360 ,now it`s left for ps3 and Wii

Gamer136173d ago (Edited 6173d ago )

im a big fan of game shows, i wish i could attend a game show in the future, hope sony give so more details on the ps3.


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