Top 10 Xbox 360 Exclusives

NoMoreGameBlogs takes a look at the Top 10 Xbox 360 Exclusives, and why each title deserved to make the list. This article is a follow up to their article about the Top 10 Playstation 3 Exclusives.


We agree that this list no longer contains Xbox 360 console exclusives, when it was written it did. The title of the article has not changed because it would break the link. This is now our list of Top 10 Xbox 360 Games.

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Mwaan5044d ago

But it is nice to see some appreciation for VF5. Online play is silky smooth most of the time.

Cold 20005044d ago (Edited 5044d ago )

I remember PS3 diehards blaming the 360 for Tekkens 6 "average" graphics. The funny thing is VF5 looks minimum 5 times better than Tekken 6 though it came out almost 3 years ago...
Its a pity it didnt sell that well. Sega did a really good job with it.

Killjoy30005044d ago (Edited 5044d ago )

Six of which are all on other platforms. This list is simply terrible. Can somebody give me a real list of 360 exclusives that are already out? (Don't give me that Alan Wake crap, I'm speking in the context of games already released.)

Gun_Senshi5044d ago

BlazBlue > VF

Sorry I live in Europe and had to import from USA, the lag online is only at start of match then its so smooth.

Unlike SFIV which online lagged even if person lives in same town.

paul03885044d ago

3 of the "Exclusives" were XBLA titles. LOL, I guess the Xbox doesn't have enough true exclusive titles outside of the Gears and Halo franchises after all.

And isn't mass effect multi-platform??

Cold 20005044d ago (Edited 5044d ago )

Heres my list of 360 exclusives.

1: Mass Effect
2: Lost Odyssey
3: Gears 2
4: Crackdown
5: Forza 2
6: Fable 2
7: Halo 3
8: L4D
9: PGR4
10: Blue Dragon

All these games are exclusive according gaming industry, IGN, Gamespot etc etc.

I dont really care about what a random forum poster on N4G thinks is exclusive or not (especially when he has a MGS avatar)

Gun_Senshi5044d ago (Edited 5044d ago )

Your Number 1 is by far not exclusive.

X360 version of Mass Effect is HORRIBLE. PC Version of Mass Effect is a jewel with free content and patches too.

L4D x360 version is sloppy port with no mods and add ons. PC Version of L4D is full of win like all Valve Games due to 1 simple reason, Mods. You also have to pay for content which PC Gamers get free

Gabe said it himself he only ports on X360 for quick money because its like PC, but he hates consoles.

MerkinMax5044d ago (Edited 5044d ago )

Halo 3
"+It's not Haze"
"--It's not Killzone 2"

Who would have thunk? This guy is an idiot. Keep fanboyism out of it.

Killjoy30005044d ago (Edited 5044d ago )

There's no need to take that tone with me, as I'm not trashing the 360 at all. I'm simply pointing out the author's inability to come up with a proper list of exclusives. I would say the same thing if a list as poor as this one emerged from some crappy website regarding any platform.

There's nothing wrong with having an avatar of a series that's been on almost every platform, so calm down and evaluate your accusations of console loyalty before you start throwing them around.

I don't care about some random N4G poster that's hiding behind a third or fourth alias has to say to me. Just give me the list and keep your snarky comments to yourself.

WaitStation 35044d ago (Edited 5044d ago )

Trust me L4D console gamers, you're not missing out on anything right now. Current mods are unbalanced and downright terrible. In the future that could change, as for right now... both 360/PC versions are equal.

-currently only own PC version of L4D. I play every night.

Btw, that was a bad list.

@Cold 2000

Your list is pretty much on par with mine.

Elvfam5115044d ago (Edited 5044d ago )

Halo 3 to be on the top 3 with gears of war

"-- Competetive online play is for turbo tards " in gears of war really

ThanatosDMC5043d ago

L4D is terrible online especially in versus mode or the campaign. Since people have played the same levels again and again so much, most players just take advantage of the exploits/design flaws.

Most people probably know the 13 second run to finish the first level of No Mercy or the Rock jumping or the clip through walls glitch.

It needs to patch up those holes since it ruins the fun... which is why i go to the glitch points and shoot my teammates... hehehe

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Natsu X FairyTail5044d ago

this list is not WAVY!

but then again its their opinion.

5044d ago
JeffGUNZ5044d ago

I hope they didn't go in order.

The Wood5044d ago

are u kiddin with Kionic on this 1. WhereTF are the exclusives