Will The Old Republic's voiceovers change MMORPGs?

MMOHub writer Demetri Kouvalis believes that the voiceovers in Star Wars: The Old Republics may signal an evolution in MMORPGs. But would a surge to get voices in MMOs cause gameplay to suffer?

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Chris3994542d ago

Even WOW has some decent voice-overs here and there.

I think that amounts to as much as we really need in a game. Honestly, if we can't scroll-click through the text for boring fetch quests, I see a lot of people getting irritated - especially in this ADD age. And if there's text accompanying the voice-work, the majority of players will be scrolling and clicking through it anyhow. Just seems like a waste of resources.

Kal11384542d ago

Don't even compare Guild Wars, FFXI and especially WoW with The Old Republic's voice work. The Old Republic will be FULLY voiced. Every single character you encounter, including yours, will be voiced.

As for people that scroll-click through the text...
A) I'm sure there's going to be a way to skip dialogue
B) There won't be any boring fetch quests. No kill 5 creatures, no collect 10 dragon tails or whatever. They've already mentioned this.

This is BioWare. All of their games have a strong story. It's one of the (most important imo) reasons people love their games. For the story BioWare delivers, voice work is not a waste of resources. Can you imagine Mass Effect not having any voice work and being text only? Because that's the kind of story BioWare is creating for The Old Republic.

Chris3994542d ago (Edited 4542d ago )

Developers can blather on about all sorts of features and ambitions before a game is launched, but it's all hyperbole.

I'd like to see it successfully implemented in a way that suits a non-linear game with a playtime MUCH greater than 20 hours. Sure it was great in Mass Effect, because you only had a finite time with the material. Things are very different in an MMORPG.

No one is attacking Bioware's talent as a developer here (though the recent Dragon Age footage is a little clunky), let's just see how they do with the finished product before casting judgment or having massive expectations and shattered hopes. The MMORPG sector of gaming is infamous for over-hyping and under-delivering.

P.S. I will be UTTERLY flabberghasted if they manage to create an MMO without a "kill" or "fetch" quest. Do you have a link to that quote? I'd really like to see it.

Panthers4542d ago

I just got into WoW (my first MMO) and I cant stand how unimportant the story is. I feel so useless in the game. Once I got to outworld, it got better but still blah. Its the same now in Northrend.

I will gladly listen to ever piece of voiceover if the story is worth it. BioWare said they were not going to have stupid 'go get me 10 pieces of meat so I can make a pie' quests. They want you to feel heroic from the get go.

If I am going to play a game for that long, I want a good story to go with my character. With WOW I never even read the quests. I just let quest helper do my work. I am hoping with voice-overs, I will care a little about the story

Christopher4542d ago

Not really. If so, then EverQuest 2 would have already have ushered in this age of voice overs for MMORPGs. Everything in it has a voice over except for characters.

Honestly, most people will still want to skip past much of the NPC dialogue. Heck, look at Mass Effect and how often did a lot of people skip by some of the repetitive dialogue in that game?

dragunrising4542d ago

I can't wait for this game. I hope its more like KOTOR 1 & 2 than a fetch-a-quest MMO.

What do you guys think the minimum specs will be? I might have to upgrade my PC. I wouldn't mind if this came to consoles...

Also, The Old Republic wouldn't be a Bioware game if it didn't have voice overs. :-p

tda-danny4542d ago

exactly what i was going to say. EQ2 is beautifully voiced over

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Riddicrash4542d ago (Edited 4542d ago )

It will change the install size to that of a bazillion gigabyte lol :P

But in all seriousness we wont know if it changes anything until the game is finished, for me persoanally it probably wont change a thing, I played WOW for about a month and never once read the stories behind the quests, I just skipped to the bottom and read what I had to do, I suspect many other people do the same!

Panthers4542d ago

Exactly. I am thinking with VO, we will actually listen to the quests and see what the story is all about. I bet you couldnt find me anyone who actually knows why they are doing the things they are in WOW.

Story will hopefully take center stage in the MMORPG.

Tony P4542d ago

Nah. When you're doing hundreds of quests which are essentially similar, you're going to skip eventually no matter if it's textual or voiced.

koehler834542d ago

I'm a bit dubious about this idea of theirs. The whole game will be awkwardly avoiding the use of your character's name like in Final Fantasy X.

You'll never be 'you'.. You'll always be referred to tangentially as 'Kid' or 'Captain' or 'The best damn.. whatever.. in the galaxy!'..

It won't turn out well.

Baka-akaB4542d ago

It's not a problem in every jrpg where you name your character . So i dont see how it's a problem .

Unless you actually focus on it in FFX , it's not akward .
hell i'll give you some far fetched example but wich still works .
Take the serie scrubs , you got basically the hero JD being referenced to most of the time by Dr Cox through surnames .

Even better , one major character of the serie doesnt even have a name (the janitor) .

Baka-akaB4542d ago

It's not the matter of full voices that will change it . hell Eq2 kinda does it too .

It's the the promise of emphase on storylines like in a proper solo rpg , that might change mmos .

For starters , while awesome , GW isnt a mmo of their own creators admissions . it's a pvp centric diablo 3 imo ...

And GW like FFXI , or a few others mostly focused their story through heavily instanced events and cutscenes .

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