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EvilTwin4670d ago


The last review was a 94.

Maybe it's just because I'm biased, but those seem low. Don't get me wrong, they're good scores...but the original Prime is one of the top-rated games of all time. Prime 2 was just as good, and Corruption is one of the Wii's very best.

All 3 of them for $50 in 480p widescreen with the the third game's control scheme? That's one of the best values in gaming.

DanteLinkX4670d ago

I would have perfect scored it.

Dringostarr4670d ago

I guess it didn't get a perfect score because they are re-releases, with little added graphical flare. And they were hardly perfect.

Still going to pick up a copy though. So much game play in them, and I never properly got round to finishing any of them.

Resident Evil Archives got 70... again, just re-releases of older titles... but they are well worth it, and some of the best examples of old-school Resi yet.

I wish Capcom would actually make a proper Resident Evil, 4-style, on Wii.

Gr814670d ago

Other M has A LOT to live up to.

EvilTwin4669d ago

There are the screen caps of Other M in a first-person view, too, so I don't think they're totally leaving the flavor of Prime behind.

The game will have a hard time living up to Retro's games, but it seems like Nintendo is inclined to experiment more with Metroid than their other big series.

pacowles4670d ago

Do want...never picked up MP2 or 3 for whatever reason and now I can get the entire series on one DVD with improved Wii controls; pretty legit package.

cyberwaffles4670d ago

metroid series is probably my favorite nintendo franchise. i wish more devs would handle their games like they did with metroid. metroid was awesome back in the day, it's awesome on handles and tributes to the classics, metroid prime series was an excellent reboot, and now the other M is looking phenomenal. i love the originality with the metroid games so much it's not funny. see, there's nothing wrong with being daring and trying something new.

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