Spidey caught in web on PS3

Activision UK has today confirmed to Pro-G that the game of the Sony Pictures movie has indeed been delayed on PS3 and is now set for a May 18 release in the UK. No reason for the delay was given.

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Caxtus7504279d ago

hmm well it has some extra content if im right. So i guess something in there held it up.

techie4279d ago (Edited 4279d ago )

oh if you like :)

blueraven4279d ago

feel that i was duplicating a story... the first was just a rumour from on-line retailers and this one seem to be fact from Activision to Pro-g themselves...

spacetoilet4279d ago

It's developed on the 360, and being slapped over to ps3. Which we all know by now, is not an easy thing. But hey! It's a film licence game! I'll bet anyone here its $h!te. And gets no more than 7 at the most on reviews.

The Panther4279d ago

I think it will get 80% on gamerankings, and sad about the ps3 edition.

biomajor094279d ago

Some how I very much doubt that since Spiderman is being released by columbia pictures which Sony owns. That is why the Ps3 version getting extra content.

Robotz Rule4279d ago

The Playstation 3 version will be getting more additional content than the 360 version,like the Green Goblin will be playable and more!,as long as the Playstation 3 version gets more content I don't think UK gamers should worry:)

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