IGN Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare preview

Check out this review by IGN of Call of Duty 4: Modern warfare, being developed by infinity ward.

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AdmiralX4279d ago

Hopefully for us hardcore COD players they will put in the voice chat finally. Playing COD is hard without the ability to communicate with others. Also maybe they will take the time to clean up the online mode so there is no bugs that allow CHEATERS to win.

gta_cb4279d ago

ummm i am a little bit confused... i own COD2 for XBox 360 and well i talk to people all the time when im on it... i seriously dont know what you mean...

cannonsimp244279d ago

The only way there is no voice is if you don't own a headset?

sak5004279d ago

Review? WTF. Atleast proper editing should be done before news is posted.

SpinalRemains1384279d ago

thats what he means. it sux. I hate it. It's sad seeing clans in the lobby when they cant communicate. How lame