Buy Your Way Through Madden 10

Go Gaming Giant takes a look at a new feature in Madden 10 that lets you buy your way through the game.

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nomoregameblogs5463d ago

Good story. Keep up the good work.

Maddens Raiders5462d ago

::kicks self in nads::

I just complimented them the other day on coming full circle and they haul off and have total fkn recall.

Un - believable.

JIN KAZAMA5462d ago

Whats up dude, I broke my Ps3 man, so the last time you see my login on PS3, is the last time it was on. I dropped that shhitt real bad, and its gone. I will be getting a new one once they have the slim, I have been waiting on that one. Keep me on your list fool.

Mini Mario5462d ago (Edited 5462d ago )

Looks like EA is going a bit EXTREME for DLC...(ish). Couldnt they just put in cheat codes? I mean seriously.

5463d ago
Kamikaze85463d ago

didnt believe it when I first heard it. this really needs to stop.

poindat5463d ago

They've done it before with Burnout and some other games, although I have to agree, this is pretty extreme.

Sort of on this subject, remember when cheat codes were FREE? Those were the days (lol). I find it pretty disgusting that we have to pay to cheat, and not to have fun either, just to get through the game. Last-gen cheats need to be brought back, where they were free and made the game more fun... not just skipped us through the game.

Zinc5463d ago

Game Shark and Game Genie... those were the days.

They should make a Life Shark. Don't like the amount of money in your bank account? Input a code and get 999999 dollars.

Boss giving you a hard time? Make him disappear with a simple press of a few buttons... and a rocket launcher.

Up yours normal course of events, it's my turn to get a piece of the pie... and eat it.

Berdy5462d ago

This would be retarded cuz ill be tempted to cheat & I dont wanna cheat.

Carl14125463d ago

Haha. This is the stupidest thing i have ever seen...