David Jaffe : "I'm going to go dark"

The outspoken game designer David Jaffe has decided to take a break from blogging.

"Well the last few posts have caused more of a stir than I had hoped. One day I will learn my lesson: that people don't read the whole post, hell people don't tend to read the post at all, but rather a truncated version of the post posted on another website with just the part of the post that is inflamitory enough to get the haters in a tizzy and get hits on the site(s) in question.

But that's ok; I mean, it's the net right? You take the good with the bad; and I've had a hell of a lot of good from it and for that- as well as for the bad- I am grateful.

But for the time being, I'm going to go dark. My stylings have upset some folks within the biz I care very much about and that I can not live with. For me, it's always been silly, stupid know, giving what I get, talking like alot of folks on geeky message boards do, trash talking,etc. But I guess some folks have taken it to heart and that's not cool for me. End of the day, even the folks who spew much venom my way, I probably would like very much in real life. As I've said before, we're all geeks and if you can't get along with a fellow geek, then what's the point.

Anyway, so CAC is coming out...soon? I dunno. It's done, so I'm just waiting now for the official word. I'm sure you'll see the press release when Sony lets it out. But I will be playing online for sure, so hope to see you guys in the game!"

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smeg0rz4191d ago

UPDATE : ps. oh and JUST to make it CLEAR since it doesn't seem to be: I like GAMESPOT, have respect for them, always have. Hell I pay for the damn thing every year. I don't agree with the review but I've always dug the folks over there and continue to do so. Hope they will like our next game alot more!

(He hates them.. lol )

BIadestarX4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

LOL. I wonder why. I guess that's what happends when you say something against the people that owns you. "I probably would have taken the Blu-ray out and sold it for less money.". I'm sure that Sony remind him a thing or two and probably ask him to ummm.. lay low. As of today not even Sony fanboys like him. I would love to know what Sony told him.
It's obvious that he seem upset. David Jaffe, how dare you give your own opinions! Didn't you read the memo!? As a Exclusive Sony developer you have to kiss @$$ and advertise the PS3 and agree with everything that Sony is doing. Why don't you learn from lair developers!? They spend more time talking about the power of the cell and blu-ray than talking about their game. By the way, If you don't want to deal with this $h!t you are always welcome to work for Microsoft.

Edit: @trane07, NOT SONY!? "My stylings have upset some folks within the biz I care very much about and that I can not live with." Ok, are fanboys on the Biz? Ohh so what he said upset fanboys (people that he cared very much and cannot live with) it's obvious what he is saying... but as usual it's not what you want to hear. Would you explain that direct quote?

ITR4191d ago

He might as well jump to MS or Nintendo, because none of the fanboys seem to like him anymore.

I bet Sony threaten to fire he's backing down now.

One more Blu crack and I bet he's done.

trane074191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Dude what the hell are you talking about? Sony's not the reason that he's deciding to go in the dark because if you had ears and eyes you would know that Sony were people who said that david jaffe has the right to say whatever he wants to in response to his blu-ray comment.

IF you knew how to read you would see that he wasn't talking about sony, he was talking about how people took his calling all cars discussion out of context on his blog and making it into this big issue. Sony had nothing to do with him deciding to keep quiet. It was the fanboy blogs and the Gaming gossip sites who took his blog post about his game out of context and made it seem something that it wasn't.

You saying that "Its sony's fault he's not talking" makes you sound so stupid especially when you take the whole story and throw it out of proportion. You didn't even read the damn story did you? You're just mouthing out more bull like you do in the PS3 area trying to shine sony in this negative light when nothing sony related had to do with jaffe deciding to stay quiet.

Read the article next time before you want to rant because your comment makes you look dumb as hell because if you read, Which you sure as hell didnt, it had nothing to do with sony. And that last comment "come and work for microsoft" just outscreams fanboy on your part and You bring it here all the damn time. Grow the hell up. Read the article next before you want to spit some negative sony bull. It will save you from looking stupid in the future.

Edit: @BLadestar Well if sony said that they didnt care and he had the right to voice his opnion EVEN AFTER THE "take out blu-ray" comment then who else? you trying to make it seem that sony wants nothing but developers to "kiss @$$ and then say like a damn fanboy fool "CMon and work for MS!!" makes you look even more damn dumb.

Edit2: "Sony was kinda annoyed that I claimed 5/3 as release date as it was never official. The game got kicked out of format as two very key bugs were found at the last second. Fixing those allowed us time to go back in and fix the issue (or what we think is the issue) that IGN had with the magnet. We are back in format q/a at the moment and we'd all be stunned if it did not sail thru...but we've learned to keep our mouths shut on it so as to not get people's hopes up and then let them down." What other stylings could they be talking about Bladestar? Gee I wonder. [email protected]$$

Funky Town_TX4191d ago

How about you just make the darn games. Go dark and stay dark. The only time I want to hear from him is when the credits scroll on my TV screen.

BIadestarX4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

WOW! You people are umbelieveable. The guy had an opinion and now all you fanboys hate him? You don't feel that way when developer such as lair start kissing Sony @$$ do you? This is why everything said by most developer shouldn't be taking as truth. Because when 1 developer gives his sincere opinion about something like this guy did, he is hated by the fanboys and probabably loses his Job by Sony when his does not say or do what he is told.

This proves what most of us already know. Don't expect honesty or truth from developers working for Sony.

EDIT: @trane07, we have a defender here. Another dumb Sony fanboy, what else is new? Unlike Jeff I can speak up (I am not on Sony budget), by the way if what he said wouldnt matter to Sony they wouldnt bother having to comment about it. There is not need to say you are allow to speak when you speak. Isn't obvious? He said he pissed someon people the biz and people that he care and cannot live without... do you actually think he is talking about you? Ohh wow... you give yourself more importance than you deserve. Trust me he was not talking about you.

And yes, I was the one to disagree with your comments + give you negative feeback... just returning the favor.

trane074191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Read before you speak. Read the article. There is nothing talking about kissing sony @ss or anything like that. You sound so stupid because you're taking this whole Jaffe fiasco in a completely different direction. This proves that you're nothing but a dumb MS fanboy. You didn't even read the damn article to see who he was talking about. Sony had no part in him staying quiet. Goes to show how stupid fanboys can be.
Look in your blog and you'll find nothing "sony" related making him stay quiet. Hes talking about how the gaming blogs and gossip sites took his comments about "calling all cars" and blew it to a different proportion. Not in one place does he say anything about sony making him stay quiet.

Fanboys these days are so damn dumb.

Edit: Funny how you call me a sony defender but you bring your @$$ here on anything sony related and be the first one to spit some bull. The damn pot can't call the kettle black. You calling me a sony defender when you sound like a straight up xbot fool. Nothing was said about jaffe kissing sony's @$$ and if there was such a problem then why did they make the comment that "Jaffe can say what he wants" after his blu-ray comment? What kind of [email protected]$$ fool yaps about sony, in the ps3 area? Even when the topic may be good news? Ask me that. Don't try to throw it on me and make me look like some fanboy when your [email protected]$$ is looking like one. Just another MS Willy sucker just like "the mart" and the rest of the MS fools. Its not like MS is paying you so why bother.

And p.s., I wouldn't give a damn about you giving me a "disagree or negative feedback" What am I supposed to be offended by that? Because Ive done it to you plenty of times even when I wasnt even registered on this site.

Watapata4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Bladestar, he didn't say that he upset people he can't live without, what he said is that he upset people in the business, that they are people he cares about, and that he can't live with that (ie. he can't live with hurting people he cares about). If you reread his statement, that much is obvious. I'm not going to say he is or isn't referring to Sony, but you have taken this comment of his out of context this entire time. I'll quote it for everyone one more time, "My stylings have upset some folks within the biz I care very much about and that I can not live with." Basic english skills make it obvious that he is either referring to not being able to live with hurting these people or purely not being able to live with them, in which case it could refer to absolutely anyone. You know, its disappointing bladestar, you used to be one of the more objective people on this site a number of months ago, but you've turned further and further into a fanboy lately, blindly supporting the 360. All I ever see you post anymore is loaded questions against the PS3, positive spin for the 360, or see you call out PS3 fanboys...there's so much more, they are both great consoles, why not treat them as such?

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