God of War meets Calling All Cars = Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal has been noticeably absent from the PlayStation 3. The series that began on PS1 and has graced every PlayStation platform since, still has no official information regarding its development. Fans have been wondering if and when David Jaffe will reveal a new Twisted Metal, yet the Eat Sleep Play founder hasn't offered any official confirmation. Recently at DICE's AIAS Awards ceremony Jaffe seems to be singing a different tune.

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Scolar Visari3797d ago

"Soon b*tch!"

Gotta love Jaffe.

T3mpr1x3797d ago

Haha agreed, and hopefully what he said was true.

TooTall193797d ago

but even I want his next game to be a TM. I've heard they have some cool characters.

Selma_Blair3797d ago

You're missing out, one of the best video game franchises of all time!

Immortal3213797d ago

and it was for the psp. I didn't like the game much, but it was fun.

I like sweet tooth!

LordMarius3797d ago

seriously its Twisted Metal
just look at his blog

3797d ago
xTruthx3797d ago

Man I hope its TM, I love that game

captain-obvious3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

@ socomnick
1- get a life
2- you wont be missed

@ topic
TM PS3 confirmed
E3 this year

sikbeta3797d ago

Soon b*tch! = confirmed


Foliage3797d ago

Holy Crap... if it's Twisted Metal it will be a day one purchase. Incredible franchise that needed a shakeup.

The PS3 library is stellar. Nothing else comes close.

If Killzone 3 is true, the bar will once again be raised for every game out there.... well until Uncharted 3 comes around.

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DoucheVader3797d ago

This has to be Jaffe's next game. He can't afford another CAC. :)

But then again it would be cool if he was working on a God of War prequel with Chariots!

Trexman893797d ago

Jaffe needs to stop teasing and confirm it already....maybe he's too busy being a judge for the Tester

Scolar Visari3797d ago

Yeah, I hope this game is revealed very soon.

user94220773797d ago

Jaffe is indeed a GANGSTA!

Lirky3797d ago

I can't wait for a new twisted metal the last one i played was "Twisted Metal Black" for ps2 it was highly-impressive the painted black song intro from rollingstones. The game had cool stories to it too.

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The story is too old to be commented.