Games On Demand, And Why It Has Already Failed

Arron of Xboxinsider writes: "For those lucky enough to have received a place in the August 11th dashboard update Beta, the european games on demand section of the marketplace has recently received seven titles. The games cost £19.99 and include:

Call of Duty: 2
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Need For Speed: Carbon
Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga
Mass Effect
Viva Pinata
Assassin's Creed
By clicking on the name of each game you will be directed to a page on, a UK based online retailer where you can find all of these games at a cheaper price with free delivery. Some games on the list only have a small saving compared to the On Demand versions, such as Lego Star Wars which is still £18.08, but other games like Viva Pinata cost dramatically less at only £7.50.
I recently posted an article titled "Games Not On My Demand" which highlights the pro's and con's of the service, so I won't again delve into what will inevitably be another negative outcome, but in my article I listed the reduced cost of games to be one of the major upsides to the On Demand service [...]

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GiantEnemyCrab4930d ago

It has not failed. What if enough people find that fair and MS makes millions? Is that a failure?

At the same time, I welcome articles like this because it puts pressure on MS and gives a voice to folks who think they are priced too high. I think they are priced too high myself but I simply won't buy them. I also own all of them so nothing there that appeals to me yet.

However, $20 for a game is not unreasonable for me and if I see a title I don't own for $20 I will buy it for convenience sake. I do notice that all MS published titles on the service are $20 but the third parties are $30. If the price is too high and people don't buy them it will force them to adjust.

KingKionic 4930d ago

I bet Microsoft is testing it to see if people will pay this price .

JokesOnYou4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

Micro aren't doing themselves in favors with the launch of this "potentially" great service unless the prices are more competitive. Convenience is a huge plus but in the end:

Convenience+Overprice= FAIL
Convenience+Competitive price, especially lower prices= WIN

-Come on micro, stop being greedy.


edit ^^^^^ yeah Kionic...I agree, hopefully it won't do well until the prices come down, actually its not big a deal to me, since I buy 95% of the games I want at full retail price and I likely will already own these really good games already anyway, but its the principle and I want all my broke @ss friends/relatives to be able to pick 'em up at a bargain price....we all know after a yr anyway these games have already made a healthy profit on 360 anyway.

likedamaster4930d ago

I like the fact that all games come with a game e-manual. ;)

GiantEnemyCrab4930d ago

Agreed. I think MS are testing the waters and yes it won't be very successful if they don't price competitively. I hope MS get's the message.

Scarfy4930d ago

For me, these sorts of services won't work, because I don't keep my games. I tend to play them and then trade them in against another title. The game I trade against has usually also been reduced in price, which means I get games even cheaper.

Microsoft should really have allowed the Gold Subscribers to digitally "rent" one of the titles instead. When they're done playing it, they could select another game to rent.

There were some mumbling about Sony doing this with PSN. I'd quite happily pay £3 or £4 a month to get access to all the games on PSN.

SuperSaiyan44930d ago

Check again that is British Pounds, in the USA you may be paying $19.99 right? Well £19.99 is $33.35!!!! (as of today's exchange rate)

Greywulf4930d ago

Its easier to just download them, and I can see people who may not have their own transportation doing this.

and im sure it will make bigger news once they do a special discount weekend or something when the price is higher.

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qface644930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

bioshock 30 bucks ehm no id rather buy the game of the year edition bundled with oblivion for the same price

im just confused about the pricing
i looked up the games and allot of em cost more than the physical version
why? is the convenience worth the price?

DelbertGrady4930d ago

Exactly. Why anyone would choose to use this as it is right now is beyond me.

lloyd_sr14930d ago

It's not really convenient thou. Most xbox gamers have 20 or 60 gig hard drives. Pricing isn't helping, and the space constrictions won't either.

DelbertGrady4930d ago

Another great point. With a physical copy of the game I can choose if I want to install the game or not. With the digital copy I will have to download the whole game again if I choose to delete it.

RealityCheck4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

I agree with you guys, for these downloads to be the same or higher price makes it not worth it. Convenience? I don't consider long download times and risking hitting a bandwidth cap (ISP) convenient at all.

I think Soda that you have the best solution, buy the game on disk (cheaper, permanent, resale value) and install it to the HDD to get faster load time and no drive noise. Once you are done playing it, uninstall it (free up space) and if you want to play it later for short playing sessions just pop the disk back in, no need for a long download again.

I can only see uninformed casual customers and blind fans using this download service as it stands. It would have to be >40% off retail prices for this to be even worth considering.

Knightrid8084930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

What you brought was a really good point. Is it worth downloading your games for sake of convenience or get sweeter deals on games from stores. To me, I'd got for the stores not to mention when going bargain hunting and finding 2 games or more cheap, its very satisfying.

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DelbertGrady4930d ago

Why would I want to use Games on demand if I can get the boxed version of the game cheaper by ordering it from a store?

Like they said: "By clicking on the name of each game you will be directed to a page on, a UK based online retailer where you can find all of these games at a cheaper price with free delivery."

If I didn't completely misread that only a complete moron would go with Games on demand. If they want it to work it needs to be cheaper than retail, considering you don't get the box or anything.

table4930d ago

something we can agree on for once :)

Raf1k14929d ago

It actually tells you that you can get the games cheaper from and even has a link to it? O_O

shutupandplay4930d ago

Call me crazy, but I get more satisfaction by slicing open the plastic, getting a whiff of that new game smell and the popping the disk opposed to getting a little blurp on my screen saying my download is done.

Knightrid8084930d ago

I love that new game smell as well. Its like your first cigarette, once you sniff your first new game, you're hooked.

Elvfam5114930d ago

If Microsoft lower the prices on the HDD so people can upgrade and buy games on demand and make new games like Halo ODST be $50 bucks on games on demand and $60 for retail version

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