Can The PlayStation Store Save The PSP?

Sure, Kotaku knows the PlayStation Portable doesn't need "saving." It's already the most successful competitor Nintendo has ever faced in the handheld gaming space, but that doesn't mean its potential as "the Walkman of the 21st century" has been realized.

So, what could have pushed the PSP to iPod-like sales? Would an online store, offering digital downloads specifically targeted at the PSP, help the portable PlayStation ascend into sales heaven? Analyst James McQuivey calls the PSP "one of the best portable entertainment media devices that anyone has come up with in years" and suspects it "could have been the first big mobile carrier for TV shows and movies" if it had the services to back it up.

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DaTrooF4187d ago

with many of the statements made in this article.

XxZxX4187d ago

this is a very good article, someone actually see different market between DS and PSP.

Sony is weird, they always launch consoles way ahead of their time, leaving their consoles sales as slow as a crawl. For example, if PSP launched without having 4gb and 8gb memory stick in the market, and for the time being those memory stick was not affordable at all.

and with PSP now $169 and 4gb memory stick is as low as $60. It make more sense to buy and use it as Media player. I guess they are different from nintendo. Sony is a technology pusher.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

the psp was a great idea.
that ALMOST worked to perfection.
and(in my opinion) only one thing held it back.
it needed two analog sticks.
when your used to aiming/controlling the camera w/ two.
one makes games feel to weird.
w/ 2 they could port over almost any psOne or ps2 game.

w/ saying all that though....
i think if they make the PSP2 w/ the same idea they had in mind w/ this one and have TWO analog sticks, they could seriously challenge Nintendo for top spotin the handheld market.(which is almost impossible)

one simple thing they overlooked hurt the system.
that`s all it takes in the handheld or CONSOLE market.

BBsin4187d ago

The PSP is doing fine and well end up doing pretty good when it's all said and done. It had a slow start just like everyone of sony's playstations but the best things are yet to come. Games like GT:M,GoW,SilentHill and FFVII:CC will drive the sales.
Will it be more succesfull than the iPod or the DS??? he|| no. but is the PSP a bad product?? no.

ErcsYou4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

i haven't bought a psp yet, im still waiting for gran turismo. i cant believe this game hasn't came out yet. if sony really wanted me to buy a psp they would allow me to use it as a glorified controller for my ps3. more than just the xmb. most racing games don't use two analogs and neither do rpg's. how about a shootumup or 2d fighter. if sony upgraded the psp with 2 analogs, two more shoulder buttons , a 480i screen , av out, and total ps3 connection,i would buy one in a heart beat no mater the price. sounds so good

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The story is too old to be commented.