1up Previews Forza 2

Forza 2 is very much a racing simulation, in an unsurprisingly similar vein of the Gran Turismo series. The team at Turn 10 is dedicated to making things feel as real as possible, while serving up a selection of toys to ensure that things remain fun. Tracks are rendered down to the inch using enormous amounts of data sourced from satellite imagery, GPS data, and photography, while the cars are built to exacting standards based on telemetry and mountains of physical data. Infinite tuning possibilities and endless lists of modification packages are modeled so they affect the cars exactly as they would in real life.

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CG4240d ago

This quote did it for me.....

We make the game inside out," Greenawalt says. "We don't make it look great, and then make it work great...we make it work great first, and add the polish later."

I wish all developers had the same attitude.

I cant wait to see the sony fanboys cry when this game is released...

warfed4240d ago

why would sony fanboys cry? lmao... so every time a good game is released fanboys are supposed to cry? stupid comment...

This game makes me wish my xbox didn't crap out on me would have been a must have for me.

Saint Sony4240d ago (Edited 4240d ago )

Your sarcastic intentional xbox "crap out" bash comment is pure crying.

techie4240d ago

I posted this for you, please can I ask you to not reduce these articles to fanboy rants. Sony fans will have GT5, you will have Forza2, now stfu.

The Real Joker4240d ago

Now Deep is crying like his p^ssy hurts.

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tony4240d ago (Edited 4240d ago )

gt5 without online play and damage

techie4240d ago

and you have evidence for that how?