Playing MMOs: A Good Time To Do Something Else

Some people can play MMOs and become fully engrossed in their world. Others, like MMOHub writer Kyle Stallock, find themselves constantly doing other things whilst playing, whether it's listen to music, watch TV, read the news, or even play other games.

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Coyotegrey4556d ago

I'm a multi-tasker when I play MMOs. Next, I think I may bake a cake while raiding.

Viewtiful4556d ago

I generally watch movies during raiding. WoW is easy enough for this type of multi-tasking.

TheAntiFanboy4556d ago

WoW to me is a chatroom. Where you kill stuff.

Okay, it's more psychologically complicated than that, but you get what I mean. =P

ahnonamis4556d ago

I definitely listen to my own music when I'm playing. I'll listen to the game's music for a while, but after a couple of days (if that) I get bored hearing the same things over and over, so it's time for iTunes.

I also tend to watch a lot of news or ESPN while playing, too. Like the article mentions, though, I wouldn't really do either as much if I weren't playing. So I guess in a way playing MMOs makes me listen to more music and watch more news...

iheartdestr0y4556d ago

I like playing a healbot cleric. I barely have to pay attention, meaning I can do anything else I need to while MMOing.

TheSmokingManX4556d ago

When I had TV, it was an opportune time to watch that. These days, I'll listen to a podcast while playing WoW -- it's really a perfect opportunity to get that out of the way.

GameCyteSean4556d ago

This is one of the big reasons I don't play MMOs in the first place. I want games that are immersive enough to require my undivided attention. Listening to a real-world album while questing through a fantasy would would just kill it for me.

Tony P4556d ago

Me too.

Imo MMOs do not immerse the moment you run into another player. It is very hard to get lost in the world when someone is chatting about school finals or just acting out online. The only time I was ever immersed in WoW, Guild Wars, FFXI, etc. was while playing solo or with the rare like-minded friend.

Kind of defeats the purpose of RPGing imo.

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The story is too old to be commented.