big shadow5406d ago

So far they have done guitar hero and rock band spin offs of awesome bands.

LinuxGuru5406d ago

Can we just have music packs and new guitar skins instead of whole new SKUs?


8 Tightwad Achievements You Worked Too Hard For

Outside Xbox: "Plenty of achievements are hard work, that's the point. Some games take it too far, though, with gamerscore rewards that definitely aren't worth the enormous effort you have to put in to earn them. Here are the most egregious examples of games having absolutely zero respect for your time."

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Game Bosh: Guitar Hero: Van Halen Review

Game Bosh: It's perhaps not the best of signs when a video game is given away for free long before its original release. It's even worse when just a few months after that actual release, the game is already sitting in the bargain buckets.

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Meristation Review: Guitar Hero: Van Halen

Meristation: The Guitar Hero saga saga created by Red Octane and Harmonix ago a whopping five years has gone further than its creators could never have dreamed. His initial idea of incorporating a guitar-shaped peripheral has expanded to enable us to form our own rock band in the company of three friends at the controls of bass, drums and microphone

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