Four new Devil May Cry 4 videos

Gametrailers have 4 new DMC4 videos, both in HD (High Definition) and SD (Standard Definition). The bottom videos are in SD. Enjoy.

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Satanas4190d ago

I think the PC version should be tagged as well.

power of Green 4190d ago

Cant wait although not as impressive as people would have you believe I do not understand DMC4 and Lost Planet comparisons.

Satanas4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Graphically the game looks alright, but I think it is mainly the gameplay that is attractive. It just makes me want to tear out a combo on that giant boss.

Good to know the game runs in 1080p/60fps, but I hope that it is at least more-than-decent looking graphically. (Which I'm certain it should be.)

DaTrooF4190d ago

i think they(capcom) should step it up when it comes to AI(not saying that the DMC series aint hard,but the enemies dont look like they are doing much).
cant wait till this game drops!!

Satanas4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

I have to agree there. IGN's latest preview mentions that as well. Joystiq actually is heavily unimpressed with the game due to the near-unresponsive AI...=(

I hope they "upgrade" it before the final product.

Average Gamer4190d ago

Or maybe its because I'm still stuck on PS2 (just bought it two months ago- no need to poke fun, I am new to gaming). Anyways, I played Devil May Cry 2, which wasn't the best game (no [email protected] multiplayer) but had a good arcady feel that took me back to when gaming was simple. In any case, I suspect from the video that more of the same will come here

Satanas4190d ago

Yeah, the game does look good graphically, I just wonder what it'll be like in the final product.


Isn't a demo already playable at PS3 kiosks in Japan?

PS360PCROCKS4190d ago

damn nice looks like so much fun