The Girlfriend Experience

Bitmob writes: "As male video game enthusiasts we're always looking for the elusive "gamer girl," a unicorn of a creature if you will. The girl who understands the difference between a battle rifle and an assault rifle. Who knows how to throw a hadouken and headshot your buddies from across the map, or can talk about World of Warcraft raids with instead having to humor her with shoe talk.

While there are gamer girls out there, even whole clans of them, it's still undeniably difficult to nab one for yourself. Those of us who already have significant others resort to trying to get our wives and girlfriends into gaming, desperately looking for games that we believe they would enjoy. The Wii has helped bring in a whole herd of new gamers and broken down the accessibility barrier, but you don't want to be playing Wii with your girlfriend for the rest of your days right?

I decided to put games to the test to see how a person who hasn't played a game since the NES would react to modern games. My hope was that I would maybe find that link to get a girl into gaming.

The rules were as follows: I placed my girlfriend Ginny in front of a gauntlet of six games to see what she thought about content, difficulty, and controls. She played each game's tutorial and the first level or quest. Afterword she would give me her feelings on the game. I actually came up with some surprising results."

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has a ps3/wii/xbox and has a 1.21kd on ps3cod4!!!!