Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom Interview

Sony Online Entertainment is best known for MMORPGs like the Everquest series but they have also released games for the PS2 and PSP consoles. This fall, the developer/publisher will released one of the first PS3 exclusive titles with the fantasy action-RPG Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom. FiringSquad got a chance to ask its senior producer Kevin O'Hara some questions about the game, which is an extension of two previous games for the PSP.
FiringSquad: First, how did the idea for Dark Kindgom come about?
Kevin O'Hara: Following the success of Untold Legends on PSP, we wanted to bring the franchise to the PlayStation 3. The team was anxious to take the proven elements of a classic hack and slash RPG and focus more on the action and tactics. Our designers started by making feature lists about what we thought made our previous PS2 titles Champions or Norrath and Return to Arms fun and what would take those to the next gen console. The storyline started to fall into place as we focused on the environments we wanted to show and the character types we wanted to play.

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Dustin_c_miller20086173d ago

i would like to play that game it seems fun. cant wait until its out. is square working on drakengard 3? i love rpg and hacking and slashing games.

ACE6173d ago

i'm still waiting for sony to show us quality like the e3 05 cgi videos they showd ,,,, lyers thats what they are cos the graphics look terible just like most of the games on ps3 very disapointing

THE TRUTH6173d ago

why do you care if they look like E3 05 or not? I care about if they play great. Looks aren't everything. I find this game interesting and I hope it plays out to be a fun game.

The Real Deal6173d ago

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sony will be #1

these graphics arent the best but the game play looks great, and the particles in the smoke and some other screens ive seen of water look good to but time will change it and it will prolly look alot better when they release this game i bet you


i can't wait until I can get a N64 to play this on!!

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