TPSN Giving Away Shatter

ThePlayStatioNetwork have been in talks with Sidhe and have gotten three promotional codes for the game to give away.
Anthony Barlow, TPSN EIC, gave Shatter a 9.5 in his recent review and has tipped it to be in with a shot of "PSN game of the year".
For those who want a freebie, check it out.

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Automat5457d ago

3 codes 3 hours ago... yeah well.. not even gonna click that link..


Classic PS3 Game Shatter is Getting Remastered

Classic brick-breaking arcade game Shatter is getting remastered for modern consoles with upgraded visuals and even more smashing music.

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Game Music Daily Week 15

WE HIT ONE HUNDRED!! Come break out the confetti with Front Towards Gamer's staff picks of musical delight!

This week's awesome selections.
Shatter, Pokemon X&Y, Little Big Planet 2, The Wolf Among Us, True Crime, Chrono Trigger

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Top 5 Underrated Video Game Soundtracks

When people think about memorable video game soundtracks, there are a few recurring faces that seem to pop up every time. Final Fantasy, Zelda, and Mario are just a handful of franchises that get the bulk of the love when it comes to notable video game music. BagoGames presents 5 underrated soundtracks that you should give a listen to.

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pr0t0typeknuckles4125d ago

Madworld is the most underated soundtrack in recent years.

amaguli4124d ago

Nier had a fantastic soundtrack, but I don't really know if it would qualify as underrated. I still would have placed it on the list though.