MyGaming Review: Overlord 2

MyGaming writes:

"The first Overlord game was criminally underrated. Be your very own monstrous bully, command your very own legion of slavishly devoted goblinoid minions, and lay pitiless, fiery waste to an entire fairytale world, stroppy self-important elves and all? Yes, please. Except I don't know anyone else who played it. Shame on the lot of you.

Anyway, for those few (elite, super cool few) who did play the first one, Overlord II is just a whole bunch more of the same, with a whole bunch of improvements – you want mini-maps, we got your mini-maps. You don't need to even read this review, just rush out and buy it immediately. For the rest of you (spit, hiss), Overlord II is a sort – an ineffably evil sort, mind you – of mishmash of adventure (you explore), strategy (you plot), and action (you kill)."

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