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This week we'll all be going insane over the Batman Arkham Asylum Demo. Call of Jaurez: Bound in Blood is calling for some DLC this week. inFamous Sackboys will be the most shocking DLC of the week. On the other end of the spectrum is the humdrum DLC from Guitar Hero World Tour releasing only one track. Lastly we are hearing that Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack will be dropping this week.

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poopsack4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

im diabetic. :)

windmill1454376d ago

Is Qore #15 still being release this Thursday?

T3mpr1x4376d ago

Looking forward to the Batman demo and LBP costume haha. Slim confirmed pickings though.

JL4376d ago

Agreed. I'm definitely looking forward to playing that demo. Other than that though, nothing I care for. As for the rumored stuff though, would be nice if Trine surprises us and comes out.

Transporter474376d ago

how come on ign it says August 6 and on gamespot is August 13 which is it people???

UnSelf4376d ago

just.......................... 1............................. more.......................... . week


Sangria4376d ago

It was said it would release two week after the 360 version, it released last week on 360 so you'll have to wait until 13th August for the PS3 version.

CobraKai4376d ago

I really wanna try that Batman demo. I have such high hopes for this game not actually sucking.

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The story is too old to be commented.