8 Logical Rebuttals of Anti-Piracy Arguments

The fight over music piracy has become increasingly brutal in recent months, with heated debate turning to outright culture-clash. A large segment of the population would readily agree that pirated music is stolen music, because that's what they've read in the newspapers. Arguably, many of these law-abiding citizens don't own (or often use) a computer, much less a digital copy of a song. Yet they make claims and argue points just as the RIAA's lawyers do in court, daily. Eight rebuttals to such arguments, after the jump.

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Saaking3387d ago

The only reason is: PIRACY IS ILLEGAL. No matter why you do it, how you do, it doesn't matter, piracy is illegal.

Elven63387d ago

So far physical media will give you the best sound quality, CD, DVD, HD DVD, Blu Ray, etc all provide(ed) much better audio quality than any digital music service.

I'll be honest, I still buy CD's because they are pretty cheap and the quality is better than iTunes or Zune.

Regarding these 8 points, good luck arguing them in court since I doubt a majority of them will stick. Stealing is still stealing.

meepmoopmeep3387d ago

this article is entirely about music but it can be related to gaming so i approved it

FlamingTP3387d ago

that's the only reason I essentially posted this news, gamers are affected by piracy as well, some of these points transition pretty well, but a few dont really work on the gaming side of piracy.