IGN: SingStar Queen Review

IGN writes: "The SingStar formula is fun and Queen is a great band, but that doesn't save this title from being shortchanged. This is the same setup and layout as the original SingStar PS3, but the fact that you're getting just one band means that the title has an incredibly limited appeal. Although a lot of people will know these tracks, they should've been posted to the SingStore so you could pick and choose what you wanted. A standalone band game needs to be augmented with additional content -- hence why Rock Band track packs can be copied to your library.

It hurts me to say it as a Queen fan, but a 25-track game that's just one artist, is just a reskinned version of another game, and doesn't come with mics or new Trophies is a mediocre experience.

SingStar is lagging behind where the music game genre is going, and that sucks for franchise fans like myself who want to see more and more people get on My SingStar Online. I want this series to push forward and not become a stagnant entity".

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