Benefits of Gaming With Your Significant Other

Gaming has evolved to include a more social element. As such, playing games with your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife can be a good way to advance your relationship.

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Mbros4564553d ago

so true, its cause your spending time with her/him and the more you play video games with her/him more time spending, seems weird but cool in a way

ahnonamis4553d ago

It's on a case-by-case basis, obviously, but I do think it can be beneficial a lot more often than people would lead you to think. I myself like playing shooters, MMORPGs, and RTS games. Years ago, I would end up spending time alone playing them when she was out, at work late, working on a side project, etc. because I felt bad sitting there playing a game while she sat there watching TV.

But, eventually she started trying some with me. (And yes, I did start doing stuff like scrapbooking with her.) She may not be great, but it's a LOT more fun playing with her on my team than playing with her sitting on the couch.

It goes for any hobbies, though. If you do it together, it's going to be more rewarding and better your relationship. People outside of gamers just need to realize gaming is no different than any other hobby like watching movies, listening to music, or gardening.

cain1414553d ago

Well put! Gaming is like anything else. If you both enjoy it, it can bring you closer...

Viewtiful4553d ago

Today I got ditched by my girlfriend so she could play WoW for 12 hours right when patch 3.2 was released. I no longer think playing with a Sig Fig is a good idea.

ThanatosDMC4553d ago

I go with letting get eaten by a horde of zombies or get ripped apart by a Hunter... or accidental unloading of my whole auto shotty rounds. But that's just me.

SaiyanFury4553d ago

I don't play games with my wife, but she loves to play games on her own. Typically The Sims 2 on her own computer. She doesn't complain about my gaming. Typically, I game about 20 or so hours per week, but since she spends her own time on gaming she doesn't complain about mine at all. We get a lot of "personal time", but we have no arguments regarding our gaming habits. If she wants to play Sims 2, that's fine with me. She reciprocates to me, if I want to play something for a while she doesn't complain. Could we play together? Sure, if she liked the same games as me, but we're different people. We play different games and we still love each other and want to be with each other.

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Coyotegrey4553d ago

My significant other and I game. It strengthens $hite and all that jazz.

burntoinge4553d ago (Edited 4553d ago )

My boyfriend introduced me to video games and still does to this day. Now I like playing MMOs, tower defense games and even enjoy watching him play long, story-driven shooters. The only downside I'd say is that your body isn't very active when you're in front of a screen all day or night, playing vids together. Many times, I need to go take a walk late at night just because I can't take the lack of physical movement and I am not even a very active person. I think video games are a great hobby that two significant others can experience together, but must be done in moderation such as anything else in life.

iheartdestr0y4553d ago

My girlfriend loves MMOs, so it works out well that we play together. Other games, like Left4Dead, she didn't like much, which was sad.

omegaortega4553d ago

My gf and I play Left 4 Dead, Guild Wars, Resident Evil 5, Blazblue, Unreal Tournament, Pixel Junk Monsters, soon to be Castle Crashers, and more.

Yes it does bring us closer and all that jazz. But man even having a gamer gf, she still pulls that "OMG NEED ATTENTION" crap when I play a game lol. It's wack because when she plays a game I don't go, OMG GIVE ME ATTENTION NOW!!!!

So! That said, co-op games prevent that lol.

Midgard2284553d ago

im one of lucky gamers who has a gf that can beat ninja gaiden 1 and 2, devil may cry etc, we beat resident evil 5 4 times and on veteran and all mercenaries maps, we play perfect world online together and we just bought gaming laptops so we can play Aion when it comes out.

and ofcourse little big planet and blazblue, soul cal, dead or alive is her fav, even owns both beach volley ball games lol.

i luv playin with my gf :D

omegaortega4553d ago (Edited 4553d ago )

Hmm I should make my gf play NGSigma 2. She finished DMC1.

Awesome! Yes we will also be playing Aion together if its a success, I sure hope so.

How could I forget LBP!! I feel like an ass... We've played the crap out of it LoL. I can't believe there is going to be a GOTY version with ALL of the Store content, day one buy for me.

Hey whats your PSN dude? Mine is OmegaOrtega, I use that tag for everything lol...

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