Rumor 101: Too Human 2 Multiplatform?

Gameguru: "The internet was abuzz with the latest game that was being developed by Silicon Knights. The only details known about this particular game is the fact that it's titled, 'Siren in the Maelstrom'. The company, when officially contacted, refused to divulge any details regarding the project except for the fact that the game was being developed for either a console or portable machine at that point in time."

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The gaming GOD3364d ago

Big deal and who cares is all I'm gonna say

wiggles3364d ago

Yeah...I'm not to thrilled about this either...maybe send Mass Effect PS3's way and then we can talk about excitment

Nike3364d ago

As long as Dyack doesn't run his mouth this time on how people who can't get the "brilliance" of his game just plain suck, I'm willing to look into Too Human 2 as more details. I owe the devs of Eternal Darkness that much.

Natsu X FairyTail3364d ago

1st game was crap based on reviews and on what I'Ve seen on the Net.

crap games deserve a 2nd chance for a better sequel.

maybe they'll get it better this time .

more fun on PS3/X360

281219863364d ago

wasnt totally crap, was rather addictive specially the gimping features bit...

Nike3364d ago

Agreed. To me, Too Human simply received too much hype, especially the whole bogus "10-year dev cycle" story that people simply refused to forget. I liked the combat in the game, especially when using the analog sticks for combat. The amount of loot you could amass in the game was also impressive. Granted, yes, it took a while before the game got fun but when it did, it was very much so. Too bad the dialogues more or less sucked, along with the story.

kaveti66163364d ago

I'd definitely give it a second chance. A lot of sequels to poorly made games are often great. Killzone 2 is great, and its predecessor wasn't so good. And Mass Effect 2 will hopefully have all of the graphical issues ironed out (I find ME1 on 360 nearly unplayable). Maybe Too Human 2 will be awesome. Who knows? Don't judge.

281219863364d ago

perspective...It wasn't AAA to begin with, ppl just assumed it to be somewhere close to being AAA which it ultimately want...Silicon Knights are a talented bunch I shall never forget the time when they gave the GCN a fresh lease of life with Eternal Darkness...

solidjun53364d ago

But I think what Kaveti was implying was that just because the predecessor wasn't herald doesn't necessarily mean that the sequel will befall the same fate and uses Killzone 2 as a good example (KZ2 is a fine fine game. Whew, what a ride). I'm in the same boat as your 28121986. SK is talented (although Dennis needs to shut up sometimes!) and ED will always be memorable to me. Man, was that game good.

raztad3364d ago

Agree about sequels might do better than original, but did you really play KZ1?

I did, it wasnt awesome because a lot of technical glitches, but the core elements (save the cover system) of KZ2 were already there. I really liked the weighty feeling, not jumps. I think many people too used to bunny jumps hated KZ1 for that cause. I loved it and finished the whole story. Not a "Halo Killer" I guess, but neither the best example of a bad game with a good sequel.

solidjun53364d ago

Yea I played it. I played it again prior to the release of Killzone 2. I liked it despite the technical short-comings. Yea, it wasn't the HALO-KiLLER various publications was stating but it was fun and fun I loved. ^_^

281219863364d ago

Sony's Marketing just made it to be thats about it and the fanboys bout it...Resistance was also supposed to be a Halo Killer...and so on and so forth.Now I have a trouble understanding the concept of a Halo Killer is it the FPS genre that is being revamped or the sales figure that it its the former then we've had numerous Halo Killers even before the franchise was born Half Life, Thief, No;f, Op Flashpoint, mul player UT, Quake etc etc...and if its the sales that we speak of then shall can we talk about a franchise called GTA or Cod or Mario and please define the term Halo killer for me...

solidjun53364d ago

I know where you're getting at. But I belive they used the HALO-KILLER moniker to support the conclusion that KZ (at the time) would have the following that Halo currently has and actually exceed it. I wasn't trying to imply sales or anything like that (although some people would love to correlate that factor). But that's what I believe they tried to imply KZ to be. Atleast in my opinion. But I liked KZ1 and loved KZ2.

kraze073363d ago

@ 3.5
If i remember correctly it was the gaming media that branded KZ a halo killer not Sony.

But anywayz if Too Human 2 goes multiplat it better be good.

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281219863364d ago

is bound to happen..thats perhaps the worst kept secret in the world. The developer statements of the Bioshock team seem to standard norm these days...

Nike3364d ago

Yeah, the whole, "Will they? Won't they?" debate is getting old and redundant. Though, what do the Bioshock team's statements have to do with that?

The gaming GOD3364d ago

I think what he was saying was that the Bioshock creators were saying that it would never come to the ps3. And then later became hush hush about it the same way EA and Bioware are doing now with Mass Effect

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