Supersonic Battle-Cars Update Released

GamersDigest writes;

"Psyonix Studios announced today that Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, the action-packed game with the insanely long name, has received a generous update that is now available for download on the PlayStationNetwork on the PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system."

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coolcole933363d ago

I f*cking love this game! They updated it with 2 FREE new maps and a tonne of bug fixes/improvements. The EU version is out now and the US one should be coming at 8pm EST.

If anyone hasn't played this game yet, definitely at least try the demo!

RedMist113363d ago

The new skins and arenas are cool, but the 'improved network performance and friend matching' is the part I am most pleased about! :D

tommy-cronin3363d ago

This better come out in EU today because i'm dying to play the two new arenas

coolcole933363d ago

EU is out right now! I'm playing Galleon as we speak ;)

tommy-cronin3363d ago

No it's not there, I live in Ireland and it's not available

coolcole933363d ago

Do you have the US or EU version of the game? If you bough the US one then that will be why.

Dori-Yan3363d ago

it IS out in EU.. right NOW
just not in US yet... it is meant to be released at 8pm GMT in the US..
i was playing this all last night/this morning.
for a FREE update... they couldn't go wrong.. but this has surpassed my expectations..

swinesucker3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Please people buy this great game we need more players I am sure going to be playing more now that they have patched it again hopeful they got rid of the cheaters. There might be an update next june, also.