IncGamers: MMO Weekly 04/08/09

Jeff Hollis is back, and this time he's looking at the reasons Sci-Fi MMOs fail.

"Hello there, my fellow avatar jockeys, and welcome to this week's futuristic edition of MMO Weekly. In this week's epic installment, we'll take a hard look at some of the more intriguing sci-fi MMOs of the past few years. We'll also examine why they failed, and why sci-fi MMOs generally fare quite poorly.

"Fare quite poorly" doesn't accurately describe the state of things though, does it? Perhaps a bit more accurate would be the phrase "die a horrid death." If you're a lover of sci-fi, and you find yourself endlessly hoping for a juicy sci-fi MMO to sink your teeth into, you know exactly what I mean. Sci-fi MMOs just don't do very well - and usually go under- especially compared to traditional fantasy MMOs."

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Leord4801d ago

Hellgate is one of my favourite games, really..

Well, it WOULD have been, if it had WORKED and not FLOPPED :(

Edit: Also, she is hot, and yes, that is an official pic.

lothaer4801d ago

OMG OMG OMG OMG a game with nudity in it :D

Leord4801d ago

There is no actual nudity in the game. It's the Playboy special concept art they made.

thetamer4801d ago

I'd like to see more Playboy concept art in games. Suggestions anyone?!

thetamer4801d ago

She really is quite hot. I couldn't not slap her on, she can be slapped on anything as far as I'm concerned

Maticus4801d ago

Sci Fi MMOs fail? EVE, that's all I'm going to say.

thetamer4801d ago

Jeff pointed out that EVE was an exception. Which it is.

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