Two More Added To PS3 Greatest Hits Line


Times are tough, and money is tight. Who has $50-60 to spend on new games? Not as many people as there used to be, that's for sure. Now $30, that's more like it.

Which brings us to the two latest titles in Sony's Greatest Hits range for the PS3, Saints Row 2 and WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009. Both have just turned up on GameStop's site, and while a listing like that would normally only be good for a "rumour" post, both also have Great Hits box art, so these are a lock.

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dorron3453d ago

I can't see how Saints Row or Smackdown are GREATEST HITS...but hey! if that means more games cheaper it's ok.

Automat3453d ago

maybe they sold enough?

JL3453d ago

Saints Row is a lil surprising to me. However, Smackdown-vs-Raw, I can totally see that. It's just the million mark that a game has to pass for Greatest Hits right? In that case, I definitely can see it. As much as wrestling is looked down upon, you (if you're an 'outsider') would probably be surprised at how popular it is. And there are lots of fans that buy the game each year. Being a wrestling fan myself, I can attest, there are huge numbers of people that follow the stuff. Not surprising at all.

Blaze9293453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

Saints Row 2 is actually a kickass game. Did you play it? I actually had more fun playing that game from beginning to end online in co-op with my friend then I did the entire GTAIV experience.

I find something fishy about these greatest hits requirements though. I mean, freaking Uncharted STILL has not been able to get that status and still priced at $59.99 here in the US but games like WWE and Saints Row 2 manage to do it in half the time? A PlayStation 3 game must be on the market for 10 months and sell at least 500,000 copies to meet the Greatest Hits criteria. Mean to tell me Uncharted hasnt sold 500k yet in the US? Heavenly Sword as well.

Chris3993453d ago

Game did over one million. And it's one of the best games this gen.

As unfair as the review scores.

raztad3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

I really doubt that sell enough is the only criteria. Probably it should meet a minimum amount of copies sold but additionally Sony (or the Publisher for that matter) feels that game could get a bump in sales becoming Greatest Hit. I guess UC2 is still selling good enough in NA, so it doesnt require th greatest hit treatment.

guitarded773453d ago

They need to do this with Uncharted to get everyone ready for U2

andron3452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

Heavenly Sword, Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction, and Uncharted are all Platinum here...

Edit: I see Ratchet and Clank are also part of the Greatest hits line now, but it took a while longer than here. And where can I find a complete list of the Greatest Hits, it shouldn't be this hard to find...

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aftrdark213453d ago

a couple of months ago from Target for $29.99. It's a fun game for 30 bucks. I enjoyed it more than GTA IV.

Saaking3453d ago

I thought PS3 games didn't sell.

TheMART3453d ago

They actually don't. But they need to get rid of them.

So they sold MGS4 already in the bargain bin after 4 months. LBP the highest rated exclusive on the PS3, just released last Christmas is on sale for 29,95 Euro overhere.

ZOMBIEMAN13453d ago

oh really because last i check PS3 games actually sell better than most 360 games like LBP sold 2.29 million while the super awesome amazing RPG you guys brag about Mass Effect only sold 2 million . now you 360 fanboys can't say sh!t about PS3 games sales because the only 360 games that sell is Halo & Gears and some PS3 games sell better than 360 games

TheMART3453d ago

tsssk tsssk Zombie, stop comparing apples and oranges dude

LBP = sidescrolling platformer, more accessible then a sci-fi RPG

LBP released last Christmas, installed PS3 base around 20 mln., ME 1 released Christmas 2007 with an installed base on the 360 of about 9 mln.

LBP is the highest PS3 rated exclusive on 9.5 out of 10

LBP came in a PS3 bundle (heck, I BOUGHT MINE IN A BUNDLE)

LBP overhere already is in the bargain bin since, months, so it sells a bit more

ME 1 sold 2 mln. on 9 mln. users is more then 20% that bought the game
LBP sold 2.3 mln. on 20 mln. users back then just above 10% at that time or even less now @ 23 mln. PS3's sold.

MGS4 is the only game that sold 4.5 mln. The rest of the exclusives are somewhere between 1 and 2 mln. max. Heck, an RPG like Fable 2 even outsold the most important shooter of 2009 for the PS3 one of the most expensive games @ 90 mln. dollars invested. Fable 2 sold 3 mln. and KZ2 just 1.5 mln.

Can you say Flopzone 2?

PS3 droids buy BluRays, thats what they do....

ZOMBIEMAN13452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

so than tell me how Uncharted Drake's Fortune outsold Mass Effect with 2.48 million it came out the same year and don't go oh Mass Effect is more complicated [email protected] or Sony bundled Uncharted Drake's Fortune because it's all excuses you ppl say we make excuses for our games when they don't sell a million day 1 well now your making excuses for why your own games don't sell unless it has Halo or Gears in it Uncharted sold more than Mass Effect & Bioshock for 360 just give up i ended the PS3 owners don't buy games [email protected] you guys say and so what if Fable 2 sold more than KZ2 hey it's still exclusive and there's still 360 owners who want it and if KZ2 is a flop so is all the 360 exclusives that came out in 2009
can you say FAILO WARS ?
that's all you guys talk sales this sales that and you don't even get money from those sales . you and every fanboy like you are pathetic and need to shut the fvck up
EDIT oh 1 more thin Halo and Gears are the only games that sell 5 million + everything else 2 million max

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Blink_443453d ago

So thats why saint rows 2 collectors edition was only $23 at best buy..

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