Activision NOT scaring everyone off into 2010

In response to an article posted on GOONL!NE titled, "Congratulations, Activision, You've scared everyone off." One game scaring off more than half the competition into 2010? C'mon! There are gamers out there who do play other games besides Call of Duty y'know.

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jack_burt0n3363d ago



"throws shoe"

Gamertags3363d ago

for their killer titles. They certainly produce some of the best games and that is certain. As for 'scaring' other publishers and developers that is really a poor title.

This article really is poorly written.

If I was a software developer/publisher I would look at my IP and judge if it is strong enough to go up against the big hitters coming from a company such as Activision. Naturally, if I was releasing an unknown title I wouldn't do so on the same day that Modern Warfare 2 comes out.

Simple logic!

Jaces3363d ago

"simple logic"

Too bad you yourself can't even comprehend that.

Ellessdee3363d ago

why the hell is this even relevant? as if random people arguing about video games on forums wasn't bad enough, now we got entire websites arguing with each other? this is getting ridiculous.

GamerReport3363d ago (Edited 3362d ago )


These websites are not arguing with eachother. One represented an opinion on why a bunch of videogames have been recently delayed into 2010. Another website added a different factor to the original opinion. Relax. No need to take this all seriously. It's just an opinion. Not fact. Not right. Not wrong.

Now let's all hold hands and sing Kumbayah. You start.


I find your comment amusing considering I was asked by Oriol personally, to write for That's who you write for right? Why you gotta hate?

Say what's up to him for me will ya? He's a nice guy. Wish I had more time to write my "poorly written" articles for him.


jack_burt0n3362d ago

Kumbaya, my Lord, kumbaya Kumbaya, the Lord, kumbaya Kumbaya, my Lord, kumbaya O Lord, kumbaya Someone’s laughing, Lord, kumbaya
Someone’s laughing, Lord, kumbaya Someone’s laughing, Lord, kumbaya
O Lord, kumbaya


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Hellsvacancy3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

And its not coz Activision r a bunch of hypocrites its coz i dont think Mw2s gonna b worth its high retail price im sure the reviewers will get paid up the ass 4 high review scores but from the multiplayer footage that has been shown it doesnt look like its changed much at all from its predecessor

I cant explain my hatred 4 the Cod franchise the best way i can put it is.....i paid 350quid 4 my Ps3 so i want 2 buy games that make feel like "fu<k yeah this is wot next gens all about" i dont get that wid Mw2 the 1st game did (a little), World At War woz awful (except the zombie mode which woz cool)

Crap aside - Modern Warfare 2 will NOT b worth £55 thats y i shall rent it - (i think im just a graphic whore)

cmrbe3363d ago

I am not buying MWF2 because i hate Activision or anything like that. I just don't need to. Uncharted will provide my TPS MP and KZ2 for my FPS MP for this year.

The recent footage really didn't impress me much. KZ2 has such an amazing MP.

Major_Tom3363d ago

I'm not buying CoDMW2 but I might be playing it.

meepmoopmeep3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

y du u rite liek u du?

anyway, yeah MW2 is just gonna be another CoD
i'm not getting it either. but i can see how some publishers would move their games
over because of it.

there will be a lot of
(uninformed) shooter fanatics picking up MW2 over any other game
and it will be awesome even though
they played the exact same thing in CoD4 :)

PixlSheX3363d ago

I'm not buying MW2 because IMO, CoD is way overrated. But that's just me. Uncharted 2 is going to take all my time for the rest of the year. Unless GT5 get released on december.

SaberEdge3363d ago

I like COD 4 Modern Warfare, but I do agree with you guys that Killzone 2 is better. At first I was a little skeptical, but I have been playing it a lot and it is amazingly good and is now one of my favorite PS3 games. I'll be getting Halo 3 ODST too, but not Modern Warfare 2.

DeadlyFire3362d ago

Its not MW2 that is scaring others away. Starcraft 2 is also said to be coming. That is the scary one. Everyone likes Starcraft. Well alot anyway. I am even considering getting Starcraft 2. Even though I don't really know anything about Starcraft. Still on shaky ground for launch, but still to launch in 2009 as far as I know. Besides that noone ran away from the line-up when Modern Warfare 1 came out. Its Starcraft 2 that is scaring publishers. Notice that most of the delayed titles are releasing on multiple platforms. Its the PC sales that worry the publishers.

Besides that any game that gets delayed should get a bit of extra polish on it. So its not really that bad of a thing for a game to be delayed 3-6 months.

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Saaking3363d ago

I wish Infinity Ward wasn't with Activision.

cmrbe3363d ago

or just wait until its price goes down. Activision is just another money hungry publisher like most.

mastiffchild3363d ago

s a UK gamer I wish Infinity Ward would stand up and either back their publisher over the blatant rip off of UK gamers or distance themselves from the practise.

As it stands I won't be buying the game and I know several people who would have bought it that intend, at best, to import it, or at worst pirate it for PC when it arrives or even on 360. Myself, I will not be buying or playing the game 'til IW make their position clear and , look, I know it's rare for a dev to stand up against a publisher but in this caese I hardly think Acti are gonna drop IW(as their best dev, arguably)if they did so and their silence has to be taken as agreement with conning the British gamer.

So maybe pre owned for me next year at the outside but I doubt bery much that the average uninformed or just selfish UK gamer will do likewise. Most of them will just think the games are being put up in time for Xmas and not realise the blatant ripp off from Acti and thus condemn the rest of the world to the same next time a COD is out. Us folk in the UK are very used to being ripped off and I feel that's why this is hapening over here had this been announced for the US there might have been more of a kick off but, sadlu, I can see this working perfectly for Activision esp now the field's been cleared for them!

I'm just hoping for MAG to be out for Xmas(servver issues aside!)as I like the look of it more than more of the same from COD anyway-then there's always ODST for 360 gamers so there isn't any need for PS360 gamers, as it stands, to give in to MW2 for FPS lulz this year(in the UK)and Activision should NOT get away with this-they will but they shouldn't be allowed to!


well said mastiffchild, i am with you on this one.

I love, or loved cod4, but i am not buying Modern Warfare 2 and i have made sure all my friends are not as well.

solidjun53363d ago

It's my way for protesting. I want to play the game and play I will. However, I'm not buying it used. My good friend is in Europe and I think it's a travesty they are raising the prices. He's going to do the same.

I'm interested in DJ hero but I'm not paying that price.

kaveti66163363d ago

Activision did scare the other games off into 2010. It's a fact. Get over it. Just because some people don't play Call of Duty doesn't mean they can use their personal experience as an example against the power of Modern Warfare.

GamerReport3363d ago

You obviously didn't read the article. Thanks for commenting though bud.

kaveti66163363d ago

I believe when Sony came out and said that they were delaying Heavy Rain to give it more "breathing room," they were referring to something called Modern Warfare 2. Not everything has been delayed, but a lot of niche games that would otherwise go neglected have been taken far away from Modern Warfare 2 in order to ensure that they don't flop.

raztad3363d ago

Believe is not a fact.

Some people makes it sound like MW2 is the only game releasing during Fall/Winter. Thats not true. Just 2 weeks before MW2, R&C comes out. 2 weeks after MW2 AC2 comes out. November still has L4D2. 3 major games just in november, but october is EPIC as well.

My only question is what about december?: GT5.

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