The Portable Gamer Review: Eyestorm for iPhone

TPG writes: "When I was given Eyestorm to review, I didn't know anything about it so hoped straight onto iTunes to take a look at it. My face lit up when I was it was a clone of Jezzball, a game that I'd imagine many older gamers have played, or at least a game that was based on Jezzball's ideas. Not only does Eyestorm do justice to Jezzball, it offers many new challenges and proves to be a hugely enjoyable game."

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bgrundman3366d ago

great, just what the iPhone needs, more puzzle games.

wondroushippo3366d ago

Jezzball? I'm all of a sudden getting bad memories of Windows 95, and only 1 gig of hard drive space. *shudder*

roblef3366d ago

yeah ,what is Jezzball, anyway?

CrAppleton3366d ago

how can copycat games still be considered to be valid products? Things like that really bother me.

roblef3366d ago

If we stopped all "copycat games," we'd end up with only 3 we could play. Ever.

wondroushippo3366d ago

Because variations of existing concepts is what helps spur the evolution of software everywhere and you should be thankful that there's no such thing as software patents. And not everything has to be revolutionary in design, either.

-Mezzo-3366d ago

I have this game and it is a fun game.

Haly3366d ago

It's like Jezzball? Awesome. I need this game :D