G-Force - ZTGD Review

ZeroTolerance writes: I was recently accused of being a sucker for family games by a fellow colleague of mine. Maybe it's true, perhaps I have slowly become addicted to simplistic plot lines and straightforward gameplay, but the truth of the matter is, this genre has become increasingly more refined than the traditional game-to-movie cash-in. Disney's latest CGI affair G-Force arrives with players controlling the confident protagonist Darwin. It is your atypical scenario where some talking animals are on a mission to save the world, and everyone in it. The plot line is not going to draw you in, but the clever and entertaining dialogue and surprisingly solid gunplay make this yet another tie-in movie that escapes the brand of mediocrity.

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PS360WII3390d ago

haha ZT you always get the good games don't you ;)

It is an interesting gamble like you were saying to be both family orientated nature with a bit of a challenging veteran gamer would take. Not sure if I would take the plunge but glad you enjoyed it.

ZeroTolerance3390d ago

I get a lot of stuff, but I usually get to review all the stuff no one else actually buys LOL this game was a lot of fun, and I enjoy playing stuff I wouldn't normally check out.

Ju3390d ago

I appreciate the review. Its hard to find kids friendly games, and movie games usually don't live up to the film. Well, looks this is playable. And looks nice. Not sure if its another R&C but at least it looks like enjoyable like those games.