Gundam 0079 new screens

Some new Gundam 0079 screens for the Nintendo Wii.

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TriggerHappy4190d ago

hmm, these screens arent that bad, but the wii just is not my thing.

ChickeyCantor4190d ago

im glad its a First person shooter, it reminds me of Shogo: Mobile Armor Division.

btw it doesnt look bad @ all hope this will work out !

ITR4189d ago

Looks just like the old anime I have.

I hope it's N.A. bound.

sumfood4u4189d ago

Wii continues to strut it's stuff!

ItsDubC4189d ago

I just hope the game's name is changed to something a little bit more "catching." "Gundam Double-O Seven Nine" just doesn't excite me for some reason.